Is “Medical” Abortion Riding the Coattails of COVID-19?

Families in Central and Eastern Europe look to you for a pro-life solution to crisis pregnancy.

The economic consequences of COVID-19 have thrown many Europeans into desperate circumstances, and at the same time made abortion pills about as accessible as Tylenol. This is a dangerous combination for pre-born children living near the HLI centers in Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Poland. Only God’s grace and your generosity stand between many of these infants and a sudden death by “medical” abortion.

The RU-486 abortion pill is not the answer to economic crisis. With your support, our pregnancy help centers offer mothers in need the chance to choose life.

For some, the future looks so bleak that they cannot envision bringing a new life into the world until someone shows them compassion. Thank you for being that someone.

In Poland, the abortion pill RU-486 is illegal. But pandemic response measures have opened channels for Polish citizens and other Europeans to order RU-486 online and receive it by post from the Netherlands. In the media, Lech Kowalewski of HLI Polska highlights instances when women have died along with their children after taking self-prescribed RU-486. This practice is spiritually and physically lethal, and we need your help to prevent mail-order abortions from becoming the norm.

Fighting Mail-Order Abortions with Education

As a first step, our missionaries in Poland produced a pamphlet detailing the terrible reality of what RU-486 does to both mother and child. With input from a gynecologist-obstetrician, pharmacist, lawyer, and counseling center, this is a big step toward providing Central and Eastern Europeans with the information they need to properly understand RU-486 and its consequences. Thanks to you, we were able to promote this pamphlet online and distribute printed copies throughout several cities.

Your generosity is opening countless eyes to the ugly truth about this “medication.” But our work doesn’t end here.

Your Compassion Saves Lives

Education isn’t always enough. For some, the future looks so bleak that they cannot envision bringing a new life into the world until someone shows them compassion. Thank you for being that someone.

Our pregnancy help center in Romania offers housing, counseling, and basic necessities. In the COVID-19 economy, they are “overwhelmed” with requests. We need your help!

With your support, our help centers all over Europe and the world offer a brighter future to families facing unplanned pregnancies. Simple necessities like regular meals, a place to live, and a box of diapers make welcoming a child seem like a real possibility.

Of course, no economic or social circumstance can justify abortion. But when a society collectively decides that abortion is a legitimate option, it is no longer willing to do whatever it takes to make room for every pregnancy, every birth, and every child. Thus, the policy intended to give women “more choices” leads to less support and fewer options for mothers who wish to give life to their children. Your gifts help fill in the holes left by an unjust society.

We Need Your Support to Keep our Pregnancy Help Centers Going

Some mothers choose abortion because they lack basic necessities like clothes and baby wipes. With your help, our affiliates are working to meet that need.

Our pregnancy help centers have seen an increased demand for basic supplies as the economic situation casts many families into crisis. During the lockdown, we have found ways to continue taking donations and providing food, baby clothes, diapers, medical care, and much more to families in need. But as Gerda from HLI Romania reports, our centers are “overwhelmed” with requests. We need your continued support to meet the needs of every mother who comes to us. With your help, she can offer her child something better than abortion.

Your generosity and compassion perform little miracles every day. Let me tell you about two families you saved in Hungary this summer:

18 Years Later, HLI Rescue Baby Chooses Life

You Saved Fruzina and her Child from Abortion

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