During the Pandemic, Online Missions Surge

This community of Latin American women says THANK YOU for keeping their faith strong.

Instead of counting this year as time lost, thousands of Latin Americans have used it to dive deeper into the Gospel of Life. Your gifts send online training to hundreds of priests, seminarians, religious men and women, and lay faithful across Latin America. The many young lay women who attend our Humanae Vitae seminars are just one example.

They want to tell you what a difference you make in their lives.

Through these online missions, you give the gift of community as well as the gift of knowledge. Participants support each other on the journey to holiness on our online platform. Because of you, friendship is possible even in isolation.

A sense of community is essential for women trying to escape the culture of contraception. Many young women who attend our Humanae Vitae seminars feel stigmatized when they choose to live chastely. Because of you, they have a place to learn the Truth and meet friends who support their faith.

As one participant said, “I am not alone, nor crazy! There are others like me… I can live life facing God and receive this great news!”

In a World of Lies, YOU Speak the Truth

Without you, most of these women would never hear the truth about contraception. At our seminars, many learn the risks for the first time. They pour out their hearts to each other describing how their health and relationships have suffered. They never guessed that contraception was the cause until you opened their eyes.

Our Humanae Vitae seminars have grown as participants bring their friends and family to the table. They are so thankful to you for the chance to learn and live the Gospel of Life together.

I feel very grateful for these messages and this company and I am going to recommend and share this beautiful news to every person I come across.”

Without the spiritual communities that feed the soul, many women are more vulnerable than ever to the lies of the culture of death. Thank you for knowing how vital it is to spread the Gospel of Life even when travel is limited. You don’t know how much it means to us when you keep supporting life and family in these difficult times.

Thanks to you, our Latin American Online Education program is stronger than ever. With your help, we can build fruitful online programs like this one on every continent. At a time when people feel alone, you bring us all together in Christ. Thank you.

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