You Blocked Abortion-on-Demand in Kenya!

When you give, Life wins. 100 more countries still need your help.

This summer, you brought Kenyan pro-lifers together to flatten a bill that would have legalized abortion on demand.

Over the years, your generous support raised a firm foundation of respect for life in Kenya. Planned Parenthood Global took a swing at it and failed.

You’ve done something much greater than save Kenyans from an abortion bill. You’ve given them the power to save themselves.

You Empowered Kenya to Defend Life

When Fr. Gatimu of HLI Kenya learned about this bill, he knew he needed help. An army of pro-life priests (trained by YOU!) answered his call. They spoke up together to defend life, and they won.

Thanks to you, a group of knowledgeable and well-equipped Kenyan pro-lifers is looking out for their country, lead by Fr. Gatimu of HLI Kenya.

When Planned Parenthood Global and 26 other pro-abortion groups introduced a “reproductive health” bill in Kenya this summer, Fr. Gatimu smelled a rat. He worked with pro-life lawyer Remigeo Mugambi to learn how this bill planned to crush the Culture of Life.

You gave Mr. Mugambi pro-life training while he was in law school. He has used his legal knowledge to defend life ever since. When he read the bill’s vaguely worded statements, he knew what they really meant. In practice, this bill would legalize state-funded abortion on demand and replace traditional African values with anti-life propaganda.

When Fr. Gatimu learned what was at stake, he gathered a force of faith leaders and pro-life groups to stand against the bill. One of the strongest voices was the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB).

The clergy in Kenya is solidly pro-life thanks to your investment in priest and seminarian training. They know how these anti-life groups operate, and how to beat them.

The bishops made it clear that it is every Kenyan’s job to push back. Archbishop Anthony Muheria of the Archdiocese of Nyeri called this bill “an embarrassment to the Kenyan peopletrying to force foreign ideas upon us.” You can see a video of his powerful speech below.

When they heard the bishop’s words, the Kenyan people sprang into action. They value the Culture of Life because the clergy you trained have taught them well. Because of your generosity, an entire country is committed to defending life.

Kenyans succeeded because you invested in their success. When you continue to grow your support, you can give another country the chance to protect its children. 

With your help, Kenyans pressured the senate over the airwaves, in the newspaper, and on social media. They made such a fuss that Senator Susan Kihika, who sponsored the bill, withdrew it for “further consultation.”

Please pray that this evil bill will never see the light of day again. It’s not a total victory yet, but thanks to you, life has won the first battle.

Your Gifts have a Long-Term Impact

You taught the Gospel of Life to Kenyan priests. They taught it to their parishes. Now, thanks to you, the Kenyan people are standing up for life.

These courageous Kenyans have proven that the impact of your generosity is not just a flash in the pan. Thanks to you, they have their own pro-life community with their own leaders and their own way to face challenges.

Grass-roots cultural change doesn’t happen in a day. But you are a long-term thinker. Seeds you planted years ago are bearing fruit all over Kenya.

You’ve done something much greater than save Kenyans from an abortion bill. You’ve given them the power to save themselves.

We Need Your Help with the Next Steps

Kenyans succeeded because you invested in their success. Your generosity supports centers like HLI Kenya in nearly 100 countries. But nearly 100 more are still unprotected.

Like you, we want to empower everyone to stand up to the culture of death. To do that, we need to expand our programs. And we can’t do it without your help.

Right now, we don’t have the resources to prepare every country to withstand attacks on life. When you continue to grow your support you can give another country the chance to protect its children.

If we stick together and trust in God, we will bring the Culture of Life to the whole world.

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