You Helped Grace Save her Friend Rosaline’s Life!

Contraception destroys lives. In Tanzania, you are rebuilding them one by one.

Rosaline had no idea she had a Norplant rod lodged in her heart.

She silently endured high blood pressure, chronic bleeding, and stabbing pains. Meanwhile, the rod came closer and closer to tearing through a vein and ending her life.

Only God knew the danger Rosaline was in, and He used your giving heart to save her.

Your Message Reached Rosaline Just in Time

Thanks to your investment in education, Grace (right) has taught NFP to hundreds of women like Rosaline and their spouses.

You support a thriving Natural Family Planning (NFP) program in Tanzania where Rosaline’s friend Grace came to learn responsible parenthood in preparation for marriage. As well as mastering Catholic teaching on marriage, she learned how the intrinsic evil of contraception harms the body and soul.

When Rosaline told Grace she was using Norplant, Grace suddenly understood why her friend was so ill. “Because of the pro-life mission, I already knew why contraception was evil.  I convinced her to remove it.”

When Rosaline went in to have the rod removed, her doctor was horrified to discover that it had moved to her heart. But thanks to you, it was not too late. The doctor got Rosaline into surgery right away and removed the rod safely. Rosaline and her family are so grateful that you empowered Grace to save the day in time.

In Rosaline’s own words, “You are my Angel. You saved my life and health… You have not only saved me, but you have also brought joy to my life and family.” –Rosaline

After this incident, Grace taught her friend to practice NFP morally according to Church teaching. Rosaline went on to have a stronger marriage and many children. She and Grace are still friends, and she still prays for you and your mission in Tanzania.

Your Generosity Sparked a Lifetime of Pro-Life Work

Saving Rosaline made Grace realize that her calling is to help others escape the culture of death. She became one of the first NFP educators at HLI Tanzania. It’s hard work, but she carries on knowing that “by teaching people the value and dignity of every human life their hearts are converted.”

So far, she has trained 453 couples and individuals, four of whom became trainers themselves. You planted a mustard seed in Grace’s heart, and it has grown into a large plant that nurtures the Culture of Life.

Grace and her family want to thank you for supporting the NFP program in Tanzania. You’ve made countless families, including hers, happy, healthy, and open to life.

None of Grace’s life-saving work would be possible without you. She is thankful for the training you offer to her and her fellow NFP teachers to expand their knowledge. She is thankful for the teaching tools, books, DVDs, and other materials you send to help them in their work. And she is thankful for the subsidy you provide, which allows her to devote her time to the Culture of Life and still support her family.

Even in hard times when funding was low, Grace did not give up. She turned down high-paying job offers from pro-abortion groups because she knows what is right, and she trusts that you will always be there for her.

“My family and I owe much to you. I am proud that I have saved many lives from death with the funds I receive from donors like you. Your gifts are the backbone of our work.” –Grace

You Can Help More Women Like Rosaline

Thank you for saving Rosaline’s life, and for inspiring Grace to spend hers saving others. The culture of death is pushing contraception and abortion down on the developing word. The only defense is to build a Culture of Life on the ground.

You are making good progress in Tanzania, but we have a long way to go. We need your help to form more NFP programs like this one, and to spread the truth about the intrinsic evil of contraception and its deadly impacts on life and marriage. Grace and Emil Hagamu, HLI’s regional director of English-speaking Africa, are launching a media campaign to do just that. Click here to read all about it!

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