Congratulations on Your Landmark Victory in Poland!

Thanks to you, Polish children with life-threatening illnesses will get care, not abortion.

This October, the Polish Supreme Court declared eugenic abortion illegal! Last year, 1,074 pre-born babies were killed in Poland after being diagnosed with diseases such as Down’s syndrome. Now, thanks to you, children like them are protected by law. The eugenic murder of Poles will stop for the first time since the Nazi era.

This little girl has a genetic disease that qualified her for abortion under old Polish law. Thanks to you, children like her are safe today!

Your Voice Turned the Tide

In 1993, Poland banned abortion but left exceptions for rape, incest, fetal disease, and life of the mother. With your help, HLI Poland has been fighting to save sick children from abortion ever since. For many years, yours was the only voice that spoke up to defend these children. But your persistence paid off. Little by little the people of Poland realized that eugenics are evil both in and out of the womb.

Your support for pro-life events in Poland pulled together a movement to end eugenic abortion. Thank you!

Three years ago, HLI Poland united with several other pro-life groups to ask the government to change the law. With your help, the petition collected over 830,000 signatures. This could never have happened without you! You supported the campaign in the media, developed pro-life resources for public schools, and promoted a downloadable fact sheet on social media.

Polish Supreme Court Faces Down the Culture of Death

Pushing the petition through parliament was another challenge.

In Poland, left wing parties and pro-abortion groups get a lot of support from abroad. With all this outside pressure, the many pro-life members of parliament didn’t think they could change the law. But they were not ready to give up. Instead, they passed the petition on to the judges of the Polish Supreme Court.

Like US Supreme Court Justices, these judges are difficult to bully because they are appointed for life. They are bound only to the Polish Constitution, which states that “the Republic of Poland provides every human being with legal protection of life.” The path forward was clear. The court took eugenic abortion off the table.

You Can Bring this Breakthrough Beyond Poland!

Thank you for guiding Poland to this important milestone! You have saved the lives of thousands of future Poles and paved the way for other countries to do the same. Rolling back legal abortion is difficult, but you’ve proven that it can be done.

Because of you, prenatal tests are no longer grounds for execution. Now they are tools to help and treat the child in the womb. A pregnant woman who hears a troubling diagnosis won’t be pressured to abort. Her doctors will do everything they can to help the child live.

Thanks to you, Poland is one step closer to the Culture of Life. But we are not finished yet! We need your help to bring blessings like this one to more countries in Europe and around the world. With your support, the Culture of Life moves forward every day. Thank you.

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