You Gave Sara a Chance to CHOOSE LIFE!

20 years ago, Sara’s twins held hands in an incubator. Now they are graduating from college.

Sara dashed into HLI Mexico and asked how much we would charge her for an abortion.

She was 17 and unwed. Sara knew she had made a mistake but feared her family would never forgive her. She saw a sign for crisis pregnancy help and assumed we would help her “get rid of the problem.” She didn’t think anyone could solve it. But because of your kindness and support, Sara chose life that day.

You Provide Real Choices for Families in Crisis

Abortion advocates will try to tell you that without abortion, a woman doesn’t really have a “choice.” The truth is exactly the reverse.

When Sara came to you for help, she didn’t really want an abortion. She was afraid. She felt that if her father found out that she was pregnant, he might kill her. But you gave Sara another choice that respected all lives.

Thanks to you, Dr. José Aguilar and Dr. Maria García of HLI Mexico were able to take care of everything. They provided all of Sara’s prenatal care. They even reached out to her father for her. He was angry but did not threaten Sara as she’d feared.

A Double Blessing

One of Sara’s twin boys was sick, but got well when they put him near his brother. Look, they’re holding hands!

Sara came back to HLI Mexico to deliver her child and got a lovely surprise. Twin boys! After making it through fears and struggles her gift from God was doubled. The nurses put Sara’s sons in two incubators and let her rest.

But joy soon turned into worry. One of the babies wasn’t thriving. He wouldn’t eat. Dr. José and Dr. Maria tried everything, but he kept fading away.

Then the Holy Spirit inspired them to place the sick baby in an incubator with his brother. He cheered up right away, held his brother’s hand and went to sleep. After that, he started eating and Sara took home two thriving baby boys.

Sara Says Thank You for Two Beautiful Lives

Sara’s twins grew up to be fine young men. They graduated from college this year, and Sara brought them back to HLI Mexico so she could thank you for helping her choose life.

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