Your Compassion Healed Clara’s Family

In Zimbabwe, an unplanned pregnancy broke this family apart. Your love for life brought them together again.

Clara was unwed and pregnant with nowhere to go.

Can you imagine how alone she felt? She wanted to undo her mistake and earn her family’s forgiveness, but how? It seemed like abortion was the only way.

In Zimbabwean culture, an unwed mother brings great shame on her family. When her parents discovered the pregnancy, they chased Clara from their home and told her to go to the baby’s father. When she told her boyfriend that she was carrying his child, he refused to help her.

When Clara Needed You, You Were There

Your gift of hope saved Clara and her son Trevor from the violence of abortion. Thank you!

This story could have ended tragically, but thanks to you, Clara was not alone. She saw an ad for a pregnancy help center that you support. With nothing to lose, she decided to try one more thing before giving up.

At HLI Zimbabwe, she felt your compassion for the first time. Pro-life missionaries Monica and Veronica did not reject her. They welcomed her and her child with all the love and care your support provides. Their videos and booklets taught Clara that every child is a precious human being, including her own. With your help, she chose life.

But that was only half the battle. Next it was time to mend a broken family.

Your Compassion Sparked Forgiveness

Your gifts do more than save lives. You defend life and family.  You help people everywhere to live, love, and forgive as Christ teaches.

Thanks for helping Clara and her family forgive each other! Now Trevor gets to play with his grandparents.

With your support, Monica and Veronica visited Clara’s family home. They counseled her parents to forgive and welcome their daughter and grandchild. It took some persistence, but love won out in the end. Thanks to you, Clara’s family was healed. She returned home, found a job, and delivered her child safely.


A year later, Clara’s son Trevor is his family’s greatest joy. They are so thankful to you for saving his life and helping them forgive each other.

Now they are always eager to tell their neighbors what a gift every child is, and how blessed they are by people like you who sacrifice so much to share the Gospel of Life.

Defending Life and Family Is Impossible Without YOU

Without you, there would have been no flyer to bring Clara to a safe and loving place. If not for you, the pro-life resources that convinced Clara to choose life would not have existed. And without your support, Monica and Veronica could not devote their time to counseling families like Clara’s. In short, you are absolutely essential to the defense of life and family.

As Monica and Veronica said, “We are very grateful to you for making it possible to help people choose life.”

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