Your Christmas Gift to Maria: A New Life in Christ

Maria lived in a world of drugs, neglect, and abortion. Then you changed everything.

Thanks to you, Maria will never have another abortion. With your help, she turned her life around completely.

Maria was spiraling toward her third abortion.

This was a textbook “crisis pregnancy.” Maria didn’t have a husband or a stable home. She lived with a series of men who taught her to abuse drugs. The father of this child was long-gone, and she had no way to support a baby.

To make matters worse, Maria’s pregnancy was high-risk. Her doctors said the child wouldn’t survive.

Maria didn’t know what to do. She wanted to change her life, but the Romanian social system offered only abortion. So she booked an appointment to kill her baby.

The culture of death had its claws sunk deeply into Maria. But God didn’t give up on her. And neither did you.

You Showed Maria that It’s Never too Late to Choose Life

Because of you, Mirabella was born safe and healthy. Thank you for making Christmas a joy for her and her four cousins!

After what she believes was an encounter with the Mother of God, Maria realized that she couldn’t have an abortion. That’s why she came to HLI Romania to ask for your help instead.

You showed her the path to the Culture of Life, then took her hand and helped her walk.

With your support, Gerda and Fr. Ioan of HLI Romania helped Maria turn her life around. They found a place for her to live where she would not have to rely on abusive men. Maria stopped using drugs and began to grow in faith.

Maria still worried about her high-risk pregnancy. But Gerda made sure she got the medical care she needed and taught her to trust in God. She told Maria about many other mothers whose children were not expected to survive, but did.

Soon, Maria’s daughter was born safe and healthy. She called her Mirabela.

Even after Mirabela’s birth, you did not abandon her. Gerda and Fr. Ioan stayed in touch, offering spiritual guidance and some material help when needed.

You Gave Maria a New Life. Now She is Paying it Forward

You showed Maria the love God has for her. Now she is raising her daughter, nieces, and nephews in the Church.

The incredible transformation you made in Maria’s life came just in time. Soon after you led her onto the right path, her brother sadly went to prison, leaving his four children alone. Maria took them all into her home.

This addition to her family was too much for Maria’s income. But with help from you, they are getting by. In the fall, you provided each of these children with winter clothes and school supplies. And at Christmastime, their house was filled with joy as the children opened presents that came from you.

God had big plans for Maria. All the abortionists saw in her was a screw-up who couldn’t be trusted with a child. But God saw His daughter, a woman of great dignity. With His help, and yours, she became a woman of faith, a loving mother, and an open-hearted aunt who welcomed her brother’s children. You helped transform her into the woman she was created to be. God used your gifts to lead Maria to all the blessings He longed to give her.


Maria thanks God for your kindness all year, and especially at Christmas. As she looks at the children’s faces beaming over their gifts, she can’t help thinking that you gave her the best gift of all: a new life in Christ, and a family to share it with.

When you answer God’s call to help build the Culture of Life, He multiplies your impact. Thanks to you, Mirabela got a chance at life, and her four cousins have a loving home.

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