Your Media Campaign Smashed an Abortion Bill in Malawi

Now you have a chance to take your victory even further.

You are kryptonite to the pro-aborts.

They paid millions of dollars in bribes to pass an abortion bill in Malawi this year, but they have nothing to show for it. You got in the way.

It all started when Fr. Zikomankhani of HLI Malawi got a call from his friend in the Malawian Parliament. It was a warning that the culture of death was getting ready to push for abortion again.

Father asked you to fight this threat by sending extra funds for a media campaign against the bill. Thanks to your generosity, the campaign was a huge success.

You Made an Impact with TV and Radio

Your TV and radio programs kept Malawi pro-life despite bribes from the culture of death. Here, Fr. Zikomankhani (right) sits for a TV interview.

You filled the airwaves with the Gospel of Life, and it awakened a strong pro-life spirit in Malawi. Like most African countries, Malawi has a naturally pro-life culture. The culture of death can’t get much grassroots support there. That’s why their game-plan is to work from the top down with trickery and bribery.

But when you alerted Malawians to the truth, you threw a monkey-wrench in their plan.

Malawians have a voice in government, and when they heard what this evil bill would do they responded with a resounding “NO.” Their leaders were pressured by the culture of death, but the pressure from their own people was even stronger. The bill died.

The programs you funded are so effective that a representative from a population control group phoned HLI Malawi. He wanted to know how he could induce Fr. Zikomankhani to stop fighting the bill. Father hung up on him.

You Have a Chance to Gain More Ground in Malawi

The culture of death tries stunts like this all the time. You beat them this year, but they’ll be back again with even more money. Father Zikomankhani thinks the only way to win long-term is to go on the offensive.

If these radio and television programs are so effective, let’s keep them up all the time. You can use this moment of peace to arm Malawi against the next attack.

The first order of business is to make sure every Malawian knows the evils of abortion, contraception, and the culture of death. The pipe-dream is to get these population control groups kicked out of Malawi altogether.

These are worthy goals. But the only way we can make a long-term commitment is with consistent support from you. If you are a monthly donor, thank you. Our long-term programs are possible because we know we can rely on your regular monthly gift to sustain them. If you are not yet a monthly donor, please prayerfully consider taking that step today.

Malawi is pro-life today because of you. Thank you so much for making this victory possible. With your continued support, there will be many more to come. Together, we are saving lives and families all over the world.

You can sustain programs like this one by becoming a monthly donor. Just fill out our donation form and check the box that says “make mine a recurring gift.”

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  1. Fred Minor on January 10, 2021 at 11:41 AM

    No God No Hope!
    Time to stop sweet talking us in mass. Enough of the milk, we need solid food, words that threaten our comfort zone.

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