Thank You for Giving Caroline Hope

You helped this family choose life in spite of COVID-19.

Everyone was telling Caroline to abort her child. Except you.

caroline HLI zimbabwe

You were the only one who believed in Caroline. Now her whole family is so glad she gave her children life!

She and her husband had both lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 shutdown. They didn’t know how they would support the three children they already had. It was not a convenient time to add another.

Her husband insisted that she had to get an abortion for the sake of their other children. Her parents agreed. Her friends pointed out that she had no money for maternity care or baby clothes. They urged her to get an abortion too.

It wasn’t until she came to HLI Zimbabwe that she found someone who saw the value of her child’s life. That someone was you.

With Your Help, Caroline Chose Life

Thanks to your generosity, Monica and Veronica of HLI Zimbabwe were able to support Caroline. She loved her baby, but she needed your help to overcome the pressure to get an abortion.

You put people in Caroline’s life who didn’t think she was crazy for keeping her baby. Sometimes just having a friend makes all the difference. But that’s not all you did.

With your help, Monica and Veronica counseled Caroline’s husband too. He soon changed his heart.

Then Monica and Veronica connected Caroline with a local missionary hospital which provided maternity care at a price her family could afford. They also gave her clothes, diapers, and other supplies to help them welcome their newest child.

Nobody Expected What God Did Next

When it came time for the birth, Caroline and her family got a big surprise. God had blessed them with twins! A boy and a girl.

caroline and her twins, HLI zimbabwe

Caroline says “thank you for giving people like me hope.” She chose life and God blessed her with twins!

Caroline named her son Kuzivakwashe, which means “the Lord knows,” and her daughter Kuitakwashe, which means “it is the doing of the Lord.”

Kuzivakwashe and Kuitakwashe will remind them forever of something they learned from you this year: God knows best, and all that He does is good. Especially when He blesses us with children!

Nobody believed Caroline’s family could handle one more child. On their own, maybe they couldn’t. But with God’s help, and yours, they were able to welcome two into the world!

Caroline says, “thank you for giving people like me hope, and for saving the lives of the pre-born.”

Your generosity has blessed this family, and many others, more than you can imagine. Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts on behalf of the Culture of Life. You are helping people all over the world embrace God’s plan for life and family.

None of this could happen without you.

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