Your Support for HLI Romania Healed this Shattered Family

Veronica couldn’t raise her son alone. She needed your help to make peace with her mother.

Veronica was losing her family one by one.

As a teenager, she had a falling out with her mother. They swore they’d never speak again, and Veronica moved in with her boyfriend, Luca. She thought he was the man of her dreams until she got pregnant. When she told Luca, he demanded that she abort their child. If she didn’t, he would leave her.

Veronica had to choose between her boyfriend and her son. By the grace of God, she chose her son.

As promised, Luca threw her out.

Veronica Was About to Lose Her Child

Veronica worked to support herself during her pregnancy. But after her son Nicu was born, she couldn’t afford childcare. She struggled for a couple of years and ended up homeless.

Veronica didn’t know what to do. She had given up her boyfriend to save her son, but now she couldn’t support him. The idea of losing him too broke her heart.

But if she couldn’t give him a better life, she would have to send him to an orphanage or a foster home.

A kind stranger found her crying on a park bench and brought her and Nicu to the shelter at HLI Romania. There, your kindness untangled the knot that her life had become.

Thank You for Bringing This Family Back Together

baby Nicu HLI Romania

After Nicu was born, Veronica couldn’t afford child care. You reunited Veronica with her mother, and now Nicu can stay home with his grandmother!

Your pregnancy care centers, like the one at HLI Romania, do a lot more than prevent abortions. You defend life and family. Nicu was alive, but this family still needed your help desperately.

Gerda of HLI Romania welcomed Veronica into the shelter you support and listened to her story. When Veronica had finished, Gerda knew just what to do.

With your help, she tracked down Veronica’s mother.

Reconciling mother and daughter wasn’t easy. But in the end, Gerda helped them find a way to forgive each other. Many people are not told the simple Christian teaching on how important the family is, as well as love, forgiveness, prayer, and the Church. But thanks to you, they can still learn it.

You Gave This Story Three Happy Endings

With just one remedy you changed three lives forever.

Instead of losing her child, Veronica got her mother back! She moved home and started working again. Now Nicu can stay home with his grandmother during the day.

Veronica’s mother has the joy of having her daughter and grandson in her life. And as she ages, she won’t be alone. Veronica will take care of her when she is too old to take care of herself.

This family was struggling. But in the end, all they needed was each other. I thank God that you were there to bring them together! God provides for our needs. He has a perfect plan for every life, and family is a part of it. When you help families like Veronica’s follow that plan, everything turns out right.

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