Youth Conference Inspires 5 Religious Vocations

While Population Control Groups Attack this Parish, HLI is Building their Faith.

What an incredible mission!

Elmina Kalunga of HLI Tanzania gave a three-day youth conference at the Catholic parish in Bokombe village. Missionaries don’t often make it to this remote part of Tanzania, and the people there were eager to learn.

Elmina started by exposing the threats to human life and family in Tanzania. She showed the young people pictures of a child growing in the womb and videos of pregnancy “terminations.” This helped them to understand the dignity of human life at every stage, and the violence of abortion.

Then she showed them how they can defend human life, marriage, family, and faith through prayer and action.

The Mission Lit a Spark of Faith in Bokombe

The response was incredible. The youth of Bokombe are on fire with the Gospel of Life! They embraced Elmina’s message about the virtues of chastity and faithfulness. Five young women were so inspired that they decided to pursue religious vocations.


Those joining the Cannosa Sisters:

Suzanne Michael

Lucia Petro

Christina January


Those joining Immaculate Heart of Mary:

Juliana Fabian

Briget Peter


We wish we could show you their smiling faces, but sadly the photos from this mission were on Elmina’s phone, which was stolen on her return journey.

This Parish Is a Target for the Culture of Death

74 people attended this conference, including the parish priest, Fr. Mabula. He is doing everything he can to stop the culture of death from getting ahold of his parish.

Bokombe is blessed with a high birthrate; around 7 children per woman. While it is a joy for any priest to think of all those fruitful marriages, this blessing comes with a challenge. The high birth rate makes Fr. Mabula’s parish a prime target for the culture of death.

Population control groups are invading the area with anti-life and anti-family propaganda. They coercively promote contraception, sterilization, and abortion as a “solution” to poverty.

That’s why Fr. Mabula is also asking for help to bring natural family planning to Bokombe. When spouses understand the dignity of marriage and its proper ends, it is much harder to trick them into using contraception. They know that their marriage must always be open to life. And when they have a legitimate reason to space children, they don’t need abortionists to “help” them. They can work within God’s design for their fertility.

You Can Keep Bokombe Pro-Life!

Fr. Mabula needs your help to keep his parish free from the culture of death. With a gift to HLI, you can continue the pro-life mission to Bokombe parish by sending pro-life books and leaflets and sponsoring annual training events.

Thanks so much to all our donors for making this mission possible! The youth of Bokombe parish are excited to live the Gospel of Life because of you.

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