Joannes Bucher

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Joannes Bucher is the regional director of Europe at Human Life International. Joannes resides in Salzburg, Austria, which is a strategic location for carrying out pro-life work in Europe.

Joannes grew up in the area around Innsbruck Tyrol, Austria, and has Masters degrees in Theological Studies and in Catholic Education from the University of Salzburg. In 1998, he met HLI Austria’s Dietmar Fischer and has worked for the cause of life ever since: counselling women outside abortion clinics, training other counsellors, working in public relations, and coordinating and participating in international pro-life congresses. In addition to running the Life Center in Salzburg, Lebenszentrum (, which boasts a perpetual adoration chapel dedicated to St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, Joannes teaches Catholic Religion at the HAK, the Higher Institute for Economics. Joannes helped organize the first World Prayer Congress for Life in Fatima in 2006, and he is also one of the founders of the Salzburg Prayer Initiative (

As an HLI regional director, Joannes oversees HLI’s work in nearly all European countries. He is charged with spreading the “Helpers” model of prayer (as taught by the famous Monsignor Reilly) and coordinating any regional events, such as prayer conferences or HLI regional meetings. He has made missionary trips to Belarus, Albania, Romania and Georgia.