Pro-life Leadership Coalition Statement On State Representative Brian Sims (D-PA)

For immediate release: May 21, 2019 Contact: Deborah M. Piroch Email: (Front Royal, VA) Our Movement Will Not Be Intimidated In recent days, the pro-life community and many other Americans were shocked and disgusted at the behavior of Democrat State Representative Brian Sims from the 182nd Legislative District of Pennsylvania as he attempted to shame…

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Planting the Providential Mustard Seed

Edea Diocese Laity Conference January 2018 Procession II copy

“My interest in defending life and the family goes back to 2007, my first year in seminary. That [same] year, Human Life International’s regional director for Francophone Africa, George Wirnkar, came to speak at our seminary about current threats against human life, including: birth control, homosexuality, abortion, prostitution, AIDS etc. I was struck by the…

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HLI Miami Answers Anna’s Cry for Help

"Anna," proudly showing her baby's ultrasound, with Heartbeat volunteers.

All in a Day’s Work For over a decade Human Life International Miami receives an average of one call, every day, from a woman in crisis pregnancy. Often times women call—despite the name “Vida Humana Internacional” (Human Life International)—and ask in Spanish if we can get them abortion-inducing drugs. Adriana Thurdekoos, part of the HLI…

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Join HLI and a Coalition of National Pro-life Groups Following Conception to Birth of “Baby Chris”

For immediate release: March 25, 2019 Contact: Deborah M. Piroch Email: (Front Royal, VA) Human Life International has joined a coalition of national pro-life groups on a unique project to highlight the humanity of the unborn. At a time when protections for children in the womb are being eliminated in many states, the project urges people all…

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Mourning the Loss of Dr. Don Smith

red candles

For immediate release: February 2, 2019 Contact: Deborah M. Piroch Email: (Front Royal, VA) Please join HLI in mourning the death of Dr. Don Smith, the producer of the film, The Silent Scream, and praying for the repose of his soul, as well as extending to his family our deepest condolences. (Film not for viewing…

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Will Poland Move to End Eugenic Abortions in 2019?

The United States is not the only nation where abortion laws could pivot this year. In Catholic Poland, abortion is still largely viewed as the horror it is by the population, which is 87% Catholic. Pro-life legislation, introduced in 2017 by the “Stop Abortion” pro-life group, would ban abortions on babies with fetal abnormalities. Their…

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Ireland Starts Executing the Unborn in Less Than 2 Weeks

Time for Civil Disobedience? “They” said legalizing abortion would be limited. Lie #1: abortion will be permitted up to 6 months. Devout health care workers have been begging for their freedom of conscience rights to be observed, allowing them to be excused from murdering babies in the womb. Lie #2: the government promised there would…

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Advent and the Fourth Wise Man

adoration of the three kings girolamo da santacroce

Advent has arrived! Soon we will be celebrating the Christmas festivities with the joy that characterizes this holy season. What do we celebrate at Christmas time? It is the season when we honor the arrival of the Divine Child Jesus in our lives. The Holy Magi Kings from the Orient also celebrated the arrival of…

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On the Supreme Court – Regroup, Don’t Fall Back

March for Life, U.S. Supreme Court

(Front Royal – VA) Human Life International (HLI) is disappointed the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear two recent cases this week which impact whether states may choose their own Medicaid providers. At issue are both conscience rights and states’ rights, to determine who and who is not a valid service provider. If citizens do…

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