18 Years Later, HLI Rescue Baby Chooses Life

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Generations of love spring from your gift of hope. Rescuing mothers and children from abortion is more difficult during a pandemic lockdown, but with God’s help, and yours, all things are possible. Your compassion saved Dorina’s life, and she reached out knowing that you can save her baby’s life too. Last winter, eighteen-year-old Dorina realized…

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Fruzina Says “Thank You!”

You saved her baby’s life, and you didn’t stop there! See how far Fruzina has come with your help. You may remember Fruzina from last month’s Mission Report. She and her husband, Károly, were homeless, unemployed, and pregnant. With no way to care for the child she was carrying, Fruzina considered abortion. When you came…

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You Saved Fruzina and Her Child from Abortion

As economies freeze, your gifts keep love alive. But there is more to do. Fruzina was in her second trimester when Hungary declared a pandemic lockdown. She and her husband, Károly, were squatting in an empty flat until law enforcement evicted them. The couple was stranded on the streets of Budapest. Shelters were forbidden to…

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Hungarians Welcome Baby Born to “Brain Dead” Mother

baby feet in blanket

In a very rare event earlier this year, a pregnant woman in Hungary who was declared “brain dead” was kept alive for three months on life support by doctors until her baby could be safely born. The 31-year-old expectant mother suffered a stroke and was transported by a helicopter to the Neurological Clinic of Debrecen…

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Protecting Marriage in Eastern Europe: A Letter to Romania

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I recently sent the following letter to a pro-life friend of mine in Romania on the debate in his country over a constitutional amendment affirming the legal definition of marriage as a “union between a man and a woman.” Croatia is considering similar legal protections. The movement to protect marriage which caught fire in France…

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Embryos a La Carte: The Disregard for Life in the EU

human embryo

(Zenit.org) – It’s one of the oldest stories known to man – the wealthy who will pay anything, or do anything, to prolong youth. Nine defendants face criminal charges before a Hungarian Court for collaborating in a venture to provide “treatments” promising to help them regain lost vigor, mental acuity, even youthful appearance. The grisly…

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