[VIDEO] Abortion Survivor Dr. Imre Téglásy Fights for Life in Hungary

In a short video released this week by Human Life International (HLI), Dr. Imre Téglásy tells his personal story of learning he was as an abortion survivor and how that revelation as a young child drives his work to defend life in his home country of Hungary. “I was 11 years old . . . . . . Read more

Lawmakers: If You Don’t Want to be Gay, Too Bad

The push by Democrat lawmakers to discriminate against people seeking help to leave homosexual lifestyles just went national. Their message: If you don’t want to be gay anymore, well that’s just too bad. In another example of lawmakers actually creating an environment of intolerance while trying to legislate tolerance, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) introduced a . . . Read more

Student-Athlete with Down Syndrome Becomes State Champion

Student-athlete Eric Dompierre is a state champion football player, winner of Sports Illustrated’s “Underdogs” contest and an all-around inspirational young man. And he has Down syndrome. Eric, who attends Ishpeming High School in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan and is a kicker for the school’s varsity football team, wasn’t sure if the state of . . . Read more

Irish Bishops: Lives of Mother and Child are Both Sacred

The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference said “a mother and her unborn baby are both sacred with an equal right to life” in a statement responding to widespread criticisms and misinterpretations of the Church’s teaching on abortion following the recent death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland. The news media whipped up a frenzy of anti-Catholic protests . . . Read more

RH “Reality” Check Blog Prefers Deception to Attack HLI

In their latest hit-piece on Human Life International (HLI) over at the RH Reality Check website, the author completely disregards reality in order to rile up hatred against HLI and pro-lifers in general. The author of the attack, Robin Marty, describes herself as a “senior political reporter” for the pro-abortion blog. This itself is deceptive . . . Read more

Planned Parenthood Deceives Women About Medical Emergencies

In a new video released today, workers at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in seven states are heard deceiving undercover investigators with Live Action Advocate when asked specifically about woman being previously injured in any way after undergoing an abortion procedure at their clinics. All of the clinics called experienced medical emergencies where women had been . . . Read more

Archbishop Chaput: Democrats Worsening Because Catholics Still Voting for Them

In a video interview with Catholic News Service, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia said that the position of the Democrat Party on abortion has “gotten worse” over time because Catholics within the party haven’t taken a strong moral stand and shown a willingness to abandon the Democrat Party. “I think many of the Democrats have . . . Read more

ESPN’s Story of Athlete Accepting His Child with Down’s

  All parents want their newborn child to be “perfect”—free from any physical or mental impairment. Mainstream culture teaches us to reject disabilities, and to reject the children themselves if prenatal tests reveal the presence of conditions like Down syndrome. When we fail to respect inherent human dignity, any number of excuses can be made . . . Read more

Where to Draw the Ethical Line on “Three-Parent” Embryos

In a panel discussion on HuffPost Live to debate the ethical question of genetically modified “three-parent” babies, Human Life International Director of Education and Evangelization Arland K. Nichols said the ethical line for genetically creating children has already been crossed with the advent of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and the destruction of life inherent in . . . Read more

Is President Obama Responsible for the Death of Tonya Reaves

Editor’s note: This article is a revised version of one that originally appeared on The Daily Caller. Read the original article here. Despite President Obama’s lectures on “tone” and “civility,” it seems like anything goes in political warfare this election cycle. This week, a pro-Obama super PAC called Priorities USA released a campaign ad suggesting that . . . Read more