Cote d’Ivoire Sliding into Abortion on Demand?

Urgency: The most powerful west African nation after Nigeria, the Cote d’Ivoire, is considering a radical draft bill that would make the current situation – abortion only permitted when two physicians certify the woman’s health is endangered – openly available across the country. As we speak, this bill is still in the draft and consultative . . . Read more

Whatsapp Motivates Pro-Life Members in Benin and Beyond

PORTO-NOVO, Benin — For 20 years, Communauté de Marie Mere de Enfants a Naitre (CMMEN, Community of Mary, Mother of Unborn Children) has been one of the most productive pro-life organizations in Benin and all of Francophone Africa. CMMEN’s members operate in several different groups across the country, providing pro-life training, hosting conferences, and presenting . . . Read more

Babies Aren’t the Threat, nor Contraception the Solution

(Washington Times) – Through the dust kicked up by passing cars on a remote road in southern Rwanda, a striking image became clear as we approached: Four men carrying on their shoulders a man on a stretcher. The hospital in Nyakibanda was still miles away. It was not only the determination of the four strong . . . Read more