Review: “Conscience Objection as a Fundamental Human Right”

Review: The Conscience Objection as Fundamental Human Right: in Bioethics and Bioethical Law (La Objeción de Conciencia como Derecho Humano Fundamental: en Material Bioetica y Bioderecho), Dr. Esteban Armando Kriskovich De Vargas, published by Libreria Editrice Vatican, 2015. Ambassador Esteban Kriskovich, PhD currently serves Paraguay as Ambassador to the Holy See, bringing to this valuable . . . Read more

The Universality of the Moral Law

One of the most contested issues in this still young century is the nature of marriage. Those who do not believe that all human beings have a common nature, or in a law that emerges from that nature, have attempted to redefine marriage. While this is impossible, the innovators have certainly confused many in society . . . Read more

Review of Robert Cardinal Sarah’s “God or Nothing”

Robert Cardinal Sarah with Nicholas Diat, God or Nothing – A Conversation on Faith, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 2015. In these times of confusion, it would be good for the faithful to mediate on the quote that opens this great book: “For nothing is impossible with God” (Lk. 1:37). This particular passage from Our Lord . . . Read more

On the Feast Day of Pope Saint John Paul II

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. John Paul II the great defender of life and the family of our times. The Church has chosen to celebrate his feast not on the date of his death which was on April 2nd 2005 but on the anniversary of his formal installation as Universal Pontiff on . . . Read more

Review: Christ’s New Homeland–Africa

This important contribution for the good of the universal Church is a demonstration of the concerns of African bishops regarding many controversial matters that are going to be considered in the Synod on the Family. It is presented by Francis Cardinal Arinze, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for Divine Worship. He underlines how marriage comes . . . Read more

On Pope Francis’ Letter on the Jubilee Year of Mercy

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to His Holiness Pope Francis for his letter on the year of Mercy. He makes valuable and moving considerations on the limitless Mercy of God that is extended to everyone. At the same time, the faithful have to receive this mercy, which means taking concrete actions. To . . . Read more

An Integral Defense of Life

The following comments were adapted from a speech given on May 12, 2012 as part of Italy’s March for Life weekend celebration. In the defense of life, it is absolutely essential that we are committed to the abolition of all laws and judicial decisions that would permit even a single abortion. But we have to . . . Read more

A List of Europe’s Euthanasia Offenses

The decision of the BBC2 to air a documentary on assisted suicide was deplorable, and the documentary, which was meant to explore how different European countries deal with the issue, failed in doing so. Peter Saunders of the Christian Medical Comment blog brilliantly points out 20 important facts that the BBC left out of its documentary, providing . . . Read more