The Church on Contraception

Should Serodiscordant Couples be Permitted to Use Condoms?

There are times when priests, ministers and pro-life activists encounter what might be called the “ultimate hard case” involving condoms.  This is the situation where a husband and wife are serodiscordant; one is HIV positive and the other is not.  The question inevitably arises as to whether or not they [...]

Should Catholic Hospitals Use the Morning-After Pill for Rape Victims?

What is Emergency Contraception? Even with all of the different contraceptives and abortifacients on the market today, women forget to use their birth control, think their birth control method might have failed, or were coerced into sex. Many of these women resort to “emergency contraception,” a term that covers several [...]

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What does the Catholic Church Teach about Sterilization?

Some people refer to sexual sterilization as "Catholic birth control."  This erroneous term, along with the misguided assertions of a number of well‑known dissenters, has led to significant confusion regarding the Catholic Church's teaching on sterilization. Because it separates the marital act from the transmission of human life, sterilization is [...]

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Is Contraception Sinful in Ignorance of Church Teaching?

There is a very high level of confusion among Catholics regarding the abortifacient action of various forms of birth control.  Unfortunately, this uncertainty is actively promoted by the very profession that should be trying to clarify health issues to the public. Misinformation Regarding Contraception The modern medical profession acknowledged for [...]

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Is Church Teaching on Contraception Infallible?

What Does "Infallible" Mean? There are two primary means by which the Church may declare a teaching infallible: The first and most definitive statement of infallibility is the Pope's solemn declaration ex cathedra that a matter of faith or morals must be assented to in order for a Catholic to [...]

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Reminder: The Church IS Against Birth Control

Even for many Catholics who attend Mass on a weekly basis, the Church’s teachings on birth control are often misunderstood -- or completely unknown. It can be even more complicated for the faithful when high ranking clergy make confusing statements about these beautiful teachings. One of the tools Human Life [...]

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An Introduction to Church Teaching on Contraception

This resource is available as an eight-page booklet that can be ordered from our online store. Order copies here. Most Catholics reject the teaching of the Catholic Church on contraception not because they’ve carefully considered it, but because they’ve never had to do so. When someone hears that the Catholic [...]

Humanae Vitae Explained

In this 2001 presentation, Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro-Carambula, executive director of HLI's Rome office, explains that the Church has always taught that contraception is a sin. Some claims arose starting in the early 1960s that this teaching was in question, but this has never been the case. The climate of the [...]

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The World Sex Mess Confirms Catholic Teaching

In this 1998 audio recording by Father Paul Marx, O.S.B., founder of Human Life International, you learn how the crisis of declining populations of so many countries is directly linked to the world's rejection of traditional Catholic teachings on abortion and birth control. Here are a few facts Fr. Marx [...]