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Birth Control for Teens Who Are “Doing It Anyway”?

If pressed, many “family planners” admit that in an ideal world, all young people would refrain from sexual activity before marriage and remain faithful to their spouses after.  Such a society would have no HIV-AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases, very little unwanted pregnancy (and few pregnancies among unmarried teens!), [...]

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The Conception Conundrum

Human Conception: The Beginning of Life There is much confusion and disagreement today about when human life actually begins.  The official and public face of the medical profession insists that life begins at implantation — yet every embryology and fetology textbook in use today states that it begins at the [...]

The Plague of “Contraceptive Imperialism”

What is the best way to conquer a nation and subdue its people? The great Chinese general Sun Tzu wrote in his classic The Art of War, “All warfare is based primarily on the deception of an enemy.  Fighting on a battlefield is the most primitive way of making war.  There [...]

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Is Contraception Sinful in Ignorance of Church Teaching?

There is a very high level of confusion among Catholics regarding the abortifacient action of various forms of birth control.  Unfortunately, this uncertainty is actively promoted by the very profession that should be trying to clarify health issues to the public. Misinformation Regarding Contraception The modern medical profession acknowledged for [...]

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The Strange World of Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Review: Part II

Read the first part of this article here. Origins of the Pro-Abortion Slogans Most of us have heard all of the tired old pro-abortion slogans many times. When we hear people start to chant them again, we usually roll our eyes and think “I’d sure give a lot to hear [...]

Abortifacient Brief: The Birth Control Pill

What exactly is abortifacient birth control? Essentially, it's a contraceptive that actually can cause early abortion. The majority of women who want to inhibit their fertility (as of 2012, about 10.7 million Americans[1]) turn to such methods. The principal method of abortifacient birth control is "the Pill," which first became [...]

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Abortifacient Brief: Depo-Provera

The birth control Depo-Provera is an injectable contraceptive drug that sometimes has an abortifacient effect.  It also possesses a long and checkered history rife with fraud and abuse. History of Depo-Provera In 1967, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals began an extensive 11-year trial of Depo at Atlanta’s Grady Clinic in its attempts to [...]

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Abortifacient Brief: Implants

Birth control implants are slowly becoming more popular as a method of birth control all over the world primarily because of heavy promotion by “family planners.” Implants have several advantages from the population control viewpoint.  They do not require daily attention, they have a high effectiveness rate because the cause [...]

Is Church Teaching on Contraception Infallible?

What Does "Infallible" Mean? There are two primary means by which the Church may declare a teaching infallible: The first and most definitive statement of infallibility is the Pope's solemn declaration ex cathedra that a matter of faith or morals must be assented to in order for a Catholic to [...]

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Contraceptive Brief: Condoms

We are all familiar with the liberal rule of thumb “Never waste a crisis.”  The AIDS epidemic in Africa and the prevalence of teen pregnancy in the United States have given the “family planners” ideal excuses to spread the condom far and wide, not only in the United States but [...]