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Thank You for Planting the Seeds of Truth

Inspired by you, Grace and Emil lead an anti-contraception media campaign in Tanzania. Chronic pain or bleeding Permanent sterility Heart failure Depression Cancer Divorce Abortion Spiritual Death These are the fruits of contraception. It can ruin a woman’s health and marriage. It can even kill. Because of you, Grace Shayo [...]

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During the Pandemic, Online Missions Surge

This community of Latin American women says THANK YOU for keeping their faith strong. Instead of counting this year as time lost, thousands of Latin Americans have used it to dive deeper into the Gospel of Life. Your gifts send online training to hundreds of priests, seminarians, religious men and [...]

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You Blocked Abortion-on-Demand in Kenya!

When you give, Life wins. 100 more countries still need your help. This summer, you brought Kenyan pro-lifers together to flatten a bill that would have legalized abortion on demand. Over the years, your generous support raised a firm foundation of respect for life in Kenya. Planned Parenthood Global took [...]

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