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You Empower Fr. Okon to Share the Gospel of Life

At the bioethics library, you serve priests from around the globe.  When HLI commissioned the Rome office in 1998 to assist in her global missionary activities, she could not have fully envisioned the tremendous impact. The Rome bioethics library has changed the lives of numerous religious men and women, seminarians, priests, and lay students studying [...]

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HLI India Preaches the Catechism

Catechism of the Catholic Church There is a lack of moral clarity and at times even gross ignorance among members of the Catholic Church today.  Human Life International’s (HLI) affiliate in Goa, India has just held its 55th Catechetical Retreat, in an ongoing attempt to educate the faithful. Started twenty [...]

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Venezuela Embraces Life

"I have come that may all have life" (John 10:10) As we approach autumn, it is good to harken back to the springtime. Then Human Life International’s Hispanic section, Vida Humana Internacional (VHI), was instrumental in starting a pilot program. The aim was to train 250 volunteers from seventeen parishes across [...]

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HLI Impacts Hundreds Across Latin America with the Gospel of Life

Every year Human Life International (HLI) impacts hundreds in Latin America alone with its pro-life training courses. This schooling, aimed at priests, seminarians and laity, will graduate over five hundred alone this year from the Dioceses of SonSon Rionegro in Antioquia, Colombia and of Maturin, Monagas, Venezuela.  At the present [...]

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Mission Report June 2017

Dear Pro-Life Friend in Christ, In this month’s issue of Mission Report, we have two reports from Africa, each discussing the battle with promoters of the Culture of Death and how to counter these destructive forces. First, we hear from George Wirnkar, HLI Regional Director of French-Speaking Africa. George reports [...]

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What If There Were Alternatives to Abortion?

Of course, there are alternatives to abortion. But what if they were promoted instead of the more profitable choice? What if Planned Parenthood, instead of hiding their true profit center with the offer of free pregnancy tests, something available at every crisis pregnancy center, instead offered free maternity clothes to [...]

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