Pro-Life Training Transforms Priests in Belarus

By HLI Staff / March 12, 2021 /

The diocese of Vitebsk begins the long journey toward the Culture of Life. Five years ago, two men had a conversation that transformed the diocese of Vitebsk in Belarus. The newly appointed Bishop, Aleh Butkevich, was praying for guidance. He needed to turn his diocese pro-life, but too many of his priests were working against…

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Thank You for Giving Caroline Hope

By Monica Gatsi, Veronica Chawasemerwa / February 26, 2021 /
caroline and her twins, HLI zimbabwe

You helped this family choose life in spite of COVID-19. Everyone was telling Caroline to abort her child. Except you. She and her husband had both lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 shutdown. They didn’t know how they would support the three children they already had. It was not a convenient time to add…

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Your Support for HLI Romania Healed this Shattered Family

By Gerda Chisarau / February 19, 2021 /
baby Nicu HLI Romania

Veronica couldn’t raise her son alone. She needed your help to make peace with her mother. Veronica was losing her family one by one. As a teenager, she had a falling out with her mother. They swore they’d never speak again, and Veronica moved in with her boyfriend, Luca. She thought he was the man…

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“Reproductive Health” Is Killing Iragua

By Emil Hagamu / February 17, 2021 /
NFP natural family planning student training teacher tanzania

We need your help to rescue this village before it’s too late. In a rural part of Tanzania, the village of Iragua is dying. Edina Maumba noticed that something was wrong when she visited the town. Why were there two high schools, but only one small primary school? There were plenty of teenagers, but where…

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Your Media Campaign Smashed an Abortion Bill in Malawi

By Fr. A. Zikomankhani / December 31, 2020 /

Now you have a chance to take your victory even further. You are kryptonite to the pro-aborts. They paid millions of dollars in bribes to pass an abortion bill in Malawi this year, but they have nothing to show for it. You got in the way. It all started when Fr. Zikomankhani of HLI Malawi…

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Your Christmas Gift to Maria: A New Life in Christ

By Gerda Chisarau / December 29, 2020 /

Maria lived in a world of drugs, neglect, and abortion. Then you changed everything. Maria was spiraling toward her third abortion. This was a textbook “crisis pregnancy.” Maria didn’t have a husband or a stable home. She lived with a series of men who taught her to abuse drugs. The father of this child was…

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You Gave Sara a Chance to CHOOSE LIFE!

By Luis Martinez-Guzman, Esq. / November 25, 2020 /

20 years ago, Sara’s twins held hands in an incubator. Now they are graduating from college. Sara dashed into HLI Mexico and asked how much we would charge her for an abortion. She was 17 and unwed. Sara knew she had made a mistake but feared her family would never forgive her. She saw a…

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Congratulations on Your Landmark Victory in Poland!

By Lech and Ewa Kowalewski / November 20, 2020 /

Thanks to you, Polish children with life-threatening illnesses will get care, not abortion. This October, the Polish Supreme Court declared eugenic abortion illegal! Last year, 1,074 pre-born babies were killed in Poland after being diagnosed with diseases such as Down’s syndrome. Now, thanks to you, children like them are protected by law. The eugenic murder…

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Your Compassion Healed Clara’s Family

By Monica Gatsi, Veronica Chawasemerwa / November 18, 2020 /

In Zimbabwe, an unplanned pregnancy broke this family apart. Your love for life brought them together again. Clara was unwed and pregnant with nowhere to go. Can you imagine how alone she felt? She wanted to undo her mistake and earn her family’s forgiveness, but how? It seemed like abortion was the only way. In…

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You Sparked a Friendship that Saved a Marriage

By Ligaya Acosta, PhD / October 23, 2020 /

At an event you sponsored, Maria found the help she needed to forgive her husband. You support pro-life conferences that teach God’s plan for life and family to people the world over. But that’s not all. They also turn strangers into friends who help each other on their journey to holiness. At every event, God…

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