Human Life International (HLI) is the world’s largest pro-life and pro-family Catholic apostolate. We work in nearly 100 countries on six continents.  Since 1972, HLI has carried out more than 1,500 missions to 161 countries. We have travelled over 20 million miles preaching the Gospel of Life and building a Culture of Life and Love around the world.

pro life conference with fr shenan boquet - HLI human life international
HLI seminarian and priest training human life international
HLI human life international radio, TV, internet, media use
Opposition research of HLI, human life international. IPPF logo (International Planned Parenthood Federation)
natural family planning NFP, HLI training. Human Life International
HLI human life international Rome, bioethics library
HLI pro life activism, human life international, Fr Shenan Boquet
HLI crisis pregnancy centers, human life international, pregnancy care
HLI pro life resources, human life international
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