Marriage, Family, Gender, and Sexuality

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Marriage and Family


What Is the True Definition of Marriage?
What is true marriage? Do homosexual partnerships count as true marriages? What does the Catholic Church teach about homosexuality?

Is Monogamy Unnatural? What’s Its Origin?
In this day and age we are oh-so-“modern” that many find marriage for life unrealistic. Yet if you think monogamy is unnatural, think again.

Is Remarrying after Divorce a Sin?
Is remarrying after divorce a sin? So many people are confused on this point! But while the answer is difficult to find, in reality the truth is simple:

How Can I Protect My Kids from Sex?
Our world is infatuated with sex. If we want to teach our children about chastity, we must tell them about the sanctity of their bodies from an early age.

How Can I Help My Unbelieving Spouse?
God is indispensable in a strong marriage. But what if you’re married to an unbelieving spouse? Try these guidelines to bring God into your marriage.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Family Planning?
Why would a couple choose natural family planning (NFP) if it’s so much harder than contraception? For one thing, NFP actually strengthens marriages!

The Duty of Parents to Educate their Children
Empower parents as primary educators! Learning faith “at Mother’s knee” allows the Church to make great headway towards a Culture of Life.

Eight Threats to Marriage and What to Do about Them
It is vital to defend the authentic definition of marriage, the foundation of both family and society. But many people do not recognize these 8 threats.

Is Remarriage after Catholic Annulment Adultery?
Is a remarriage after a Catholic annulment adultery? Absolutely not. Read on how an annulment is the Church’s determination the marriage was always invalid.

What Really Is Headship in Marriage?
The idea of man exercising “headship in marriage” provokes astonishment in this day and age. But what does Catholic submission really mean?


Gender and Sexuality

What’s Wrong with Gender Ideology and Homosexuality?
The basic problem with modern gender theory is that it denies that the differences between men and women have natural and biological foundations.

Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage: What You Need to Know
Many sadly rejoiced at headlines, “The Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage!” How did the Justices rule correctly, if marriage isn’t mentioned in the Constitution?

What Percentage of Transgenders Regret Surgery?
What percentage of transgenders regret surgery to “change sex”? The media claim the number is miniscule—yet transgender suicide rates are incredibly high.

What Is the “Complementarity of the Sexes”?
Men and women are equal but different. Their true natures were affirmed by Saint Pope John XXIII: “Men and women are equal in dignity, complementary in mission.”

How Can I Deal with Same-Sex Attraction?
Find the comfort and love you seek in devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which burns with love for all.

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