The Gospel of Life in Hungary and Romania

I recently had the privilege of organizing a pro-life mission trip in Eastern Europe with HLI president Father Shenan Boquet. We are always blessed when a priest proclaims the Gospel of Life, especially to seminarians. This particular mission found us visiting four days in Hungary and seven days in Romania, before he continued on to . . . Read more

What If There Were Alternatives to Abortion?

Of course, there are alternatives to abortion. But what if they were promoted instead of the more profitable choice? What if Planned Parenthood, instead of hiding their true profit center with the offer of free pregnancy tests, something available at every crisis pregnancy center, instead offered free maternity clothes to women in need? What if, . . . Read more

A Huge Victory for Life in Poland!

The voice of the Polish people has been heard. The “Stop Abortion” citizens’ initiative, which had received 450,000 signatures from Polish Citizens, has cleared its first hurdle in the parliamentary process this morning by a very wide margin. The “Stop Abortion” proposal was one of three citizens initiatives—proposals that receive over 100,000 signatures—considered by the . . . Read more

San Marino and Welcoming Life

The Republic of San Marino, a small state of only 33,00 people located in Northern Italy, does not allow abortion. They have an electoral system which allows citizen’s initiatives from individual citizens called “instances of Arengo,” on which the 60 member legislature must vote. Several instances of Arengo have been submitted this September asking for . . . Read more

Marching for Life in Europe

“All over the world, for the last fifty years, millions and millions of people have taken the streets to say, ‘we believe in life, we believe in family and we believe in the future of our country.’ And I think this is very positive, especially in Central and Eastern Europe,” Dr. Joseph Meaney told Croatian . . . Read more

HLI Spain Honored by Leading Spanish Magazine

Misión, the most widely read Catholic magazine in Spain, is published by the Legionnaires of Christ. Featuring discussions of global issues with articles on subjects ranging from bioethics and culture to kitchen recipes, Misión aims to lead its readers to a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith. On November 2, Misión held its fifth Family . . . Read more

No Spaniards, No Spain

Guest commentary by María José Mansilla-Arcos, director of Association Spei Mater, HLI’s affiliate in Spain   The Institute for Family Policy in Spain recently published a report titled Demography and Birthrate in Spain. Even though demography is not often publicly discussed in Spain, the report has been picked up by the mass media due to . . . Read more

Be Not Afraid, Catholic Ireland!

I write this week from the Emerald Isle, where I’m on a mission with Dr. Brian Clowes, HLI’s Director of Education and Research, and Patrick McCrystal, Director of HLI Ireland. Patrick entitled our four-day series of presentations on the road “Be Not Afraid, Catholic Ireland,” as ours is a mission of hope in a land . . . Read more

Planned Parenthood Protests Spread to Europe

Around 70 people gathered last Saturday, August 22nd in front of the Society for Planned Parenthood in Bratislava, Slovakia to protest the sale of body parts of aborted children and to express their solidarity with all those protesting in front of Planned Parenthood locations in the USA and other countries. The Society of Planned Parenthood . . . Read more

HLI Welcomes New Director for Rome Office

Father Francesco Giordano, a diocesan priest and professor in Rome, Italy, was announced today as the new director of the Rome office of Human Life International. He succeeds Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carambula, who represented HLI in Rome for 16 years before moving to HLI’s Virginia headquarters in 2014 due to health reasons. “Father Francesco emerged early . . . Read more