“From Ocean to Ocean” – Farewell, Mexico!

The Black Madonna’s pilgrimage through Mexico is at long last coming to an end. For two years and three months Our Lady visited this large country of 122 million people. Beatriz Gonzalez and her husband, Jose Luis Garcia Chagoyan, of the Vida Florida movement were coordinators of Our Lady’s Mexico journey. We are grateful for . . . Read more

Chile Embroiled in Abortion Fight

The fierce fight over abortion laws continues to grip Chile. In 2015, the abortion legislation drama in Chile began with socialist President Michelle Bachelet’s request to the National Congress, for a legislative bill in favor of the partial decriminalization of abortion for cases for the life of the mother, rape, and fetal deformity. In September . . . Read more

A Judicial Assault in Belize

Guest author: Judy Vazquez   As the lone English-speaking nation in Central America, Belize, in a certain way, stands apart, and is often associated more closely with its Caribbean neighbors. Collectively, the Caribbean nations tend to have strong social values that defend life, marriage and family. Yet Belize’s cultural setting may be why it was . . . Read more

Pro-lifers are Pro-Woman

Abortion is often called the “pro-woman” choice. Pro-lifers find themselves accused of both “denying” women the right to choose and of being strictly pro-birth, not caring about what happens to the mother or child after birth. One of the many problems with these charges is the widely supported work of crisis pregnancy centers around the . . . Read more

Abortion Mill Closes in Miami

On the evening of May 1, sidewalk counselors and pro-life activists in Miami gathered around the abandoned Choice for Women abortion mill. Archbishop of Miami Thomas Wenski led the group in a prayer vigil thanking God for shutting down the business that had seen so many babies killed and mothers harmed. Abortion Mill Closed after . . . Read more

The OAS: On an Unsustainable Path

The aftershocks of the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union continue, with much of the ongoing conversation centering around what the majority of voting Brits call the “undemocratic” nature of the EU. Conceived as a union of independent nations, the EU has over the years acquired more power for unelected bureaucrats even as . . . Read more

OAS: Zika-Risk Babies Should Be Aborted

In an April 26th declaration, Luis Almagro, Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), advocated for abortion in cases where an unborn child at risk of microcephaly due to his mother’s infection with the Zika virus. In the declaration, which has yet to be translated by OAS into English, Almagro also announced that he . . . Read more

Uruguayan Pro-Lifers Call for “Decriminalization of Motherhood”

In late October, Pro-life leaders in Uruguay launched hundreds of balloons in a clear signal to the nation’s political leadership that motherhood is a gift to be cherished and protected, not marginalized and attacked. Under the slogan “Let’s decriminalize motherhood”, several Uruguayan pro-life groups met to begin a national dialogue on the results of the . . . Read more

A Tribute to Dr. Humberto Leal-Vieira

Raymond de Souza, HLI’s delegate for international missions, delivered the following tribute to the late Dr. Humberto Leal-Vieira PhD, founder and president of the Brazil National Pro-Life and Pro-Family Association (HLI Brazil), at the VHI Priests and Seminarians conference in Rio de Janeiro, on Saturday, October 10, 2015.     Today Human Life International honors . . . Read more