For the Woman Who Won’t Stop Until Her Beauty Routine is Abortion Free:

We understand. The whole thing is totally unfair.

Why would any company use aborted fetal cells in their beauty products? That’s just evil.

And how are you supposed to know which ones to avoid? It’s not like they put “fetal cells” on the ingredient list.

Shopping pro-life shouldn’t be this hard. We created this e-book so you’ll know exactly which beauty products are tied to the abortion industry.

Fortunately, it’s pretty rare for companies to use fetal cells in their cosmetics. But there are a few products you need to watch out for.

Your free download includes:

  • At-a-glance list of products to avoid
  • Story of how the industry exploits pregnant women in Ukraine
  • Outline of Catholic teaching on the use of aborted fetal cells

The abortion industry is driven by profit. Where you choose to spend your money matters.

Download your free e-book today so you never have to wonder if your skincare is abortion-free.

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