Ever Have Trouble Explaining Why Abortion is NEVER Needed?

Don’t be caught off guard! Find out why abortion is never the answer—even to the so-called “hard cases.” This free e-book will walk you through the pro-life response to:

  • Rape and incest
  • Fetal disabilities
  • Life-threatening pregnancies

Pro-abortion advocates use these three scenarios to justify abortion on demand. It’s essential that pro-lifers know how to respond.

This e-book, Why We don’t Need Abortion (even for the ‘Hard Cases’), is your guide. Each section will walk you through a different “hard case.” You will learn why abortion is never the solution. And you will learn how to respond to these difficult situations with pro-life principles.

If you’re going to defend life effectively, you need to have the facts at your fingertips. Get this guide now to equip yourself with:

  • Physician-verified medical information
  • Illustrated step-by-step explanations
  • Extensive citations

Download this free e-book today and learn how to affirm life in even the hardest situations!

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“I really like it! This book explains a lot of things people don’t realize about the hard cases. The examples are really helpful. Glad I read it.” — Patricia, VA