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The 10 Myths

Reasons for Abortion

"Most abortions happen in the hard cases—rape, incest, maternal health problems, or birth defects."

Abortion & Minorities

"Access to abortion helps racial minorities"

Contraception & Abortion

"The use of contraception decreases the abortion rate."

Planned Parenthood's Focus

"Planned Parenthood doesn't focus on abortions."

Abortion & Society

"Aborting children from poor families saves society the cost of supporting them."

Illegal Abortion Deaths

"Thousands of women died from illegal abortions every year before abortion became legal."

What The Fetus Is

"The fetus is just a clump of cells inside the mother's body."

Planned Parenthood's Services

"Planned Parenthood often provides prenatal care and adoption referrals, and only some abortions."

Abortion & Maternal Health

"Abortion can save a woman's life."

American Opinions on Abortion

"Most Americans are pro-choice."

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