What is Planned Parenthood Hiding from You?

Most of us pro-lifers know that Planned Parenthood is “bad.”

You’ve probably heard that they’re the largest abortion provider in the US.

You might even know they’ve been involved in some nasty scandals.

But that’s barely scratching the surface.

While Planned Parenthood is terrible at women’s healthcare, they’re experts at controlling the narrative. What they say and do are two different things. And with the help of the liberal media, they’ve managed to keep the public mostly in the dark.

You’ll take some of that power away from them when you download this free e-book today.

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  • How Planned Parenthood brands itself as “essential” while providing close to zero actual healthcare
  • Why Planned Parenthood is a go-to resource for human traffickers
  • How Planned Parenthood targets black and brown babies to suppress global population
  • So much more!

Human Life International has been fighting Planned Parenthood around the world for 50 years. We’ve learned a lot about them that most people don’t know.

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