Our Target Groups and Strategy

If we are to authentically cultivate and sustain a Culture of Life, we must influence those who will impact society at every level. This is done with two approaches: reactively participating in national and international governing bodies, such as the United Nations and the Organization of American States, as well as proactively impacting leaders who have a direct and indirect influence on our societies and cultures.

HLI targets two specific groups: those in a transitional state – seminarians and students – and those in a permanent state – priests, religious, lay professionals, and families.

Working with those in a transitional state, whose vocation is still being determined and discerned, allows HLI to cultivate a Christian viewpoint, instilling in hearts and minds a love for Truth and the beauty of human life and its eternal destiny.

HLI forms those in transition to influence their culture and society; after all, they will become husbands, wives, parents, priests, and leaders. If formed properly, they will impact their society and its moral and religious values. If they embrace the teaching of the Church and understand the underlying bioethical issues, they will be prepared to articulate pro-life truths and defend them in the public square.

The second group, those in the permanent state, who are already living in their respective vocation and profession, are making an immediate impact upon culture and society. A priest, for example, has the potential to impact the local church, families, and society for 40-60 years. Think of how many people within this timeframe he will influence! The same may be said for lay professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, scientists, and so on.

In summary, by providing ongoing formation and mentorship to these groups HLI is positioned to impact society in each of its spheres. A seminarian who becomes a well-formed pro-life priest, versed in all the life issues, can influence hundreds to thousands over the course of time in his parish. So, too, a doctor in his practice, a teacher in her classroom, and so on.


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