Our Target Issues and Methods


At the heart of our target issues is the inalienable and immutable dignity of the human person, made in the image and likeness of God (Imago Dei). From this point of reference, we treat the subjects of:

Contraception: The artificial prevention of fertilization or implantation — the very root of the Culture of Death.

Abortion: The tragedy of taking the life of the most vulnerable and innocent among us — the unborn.

Marriage: The institution as created by God but threatened by man.

Reproductive Technologies: The unethical procedures of procreation.

Euthanasia: The attack on the life of the vulnerable, handicapped, aged, terminally ill, and those at life’s end.



The mission of HLI encompasses a complex and international environment, comprised of over 100 countries with diverse languages and cultures. To effectively build and sustain a Culture of Life and counter the work of anti-life organizations, we divide our mission territory into 5 distinct regions, each overseen by a director. These regions are: Europe (directed by Dr. Joseph Meaney and Joannes Bucher); English-speaking Africa (directed by Emil Hagamu); French-speaking Africa (directed by George Wirnkar); Asia/Oceania (directed by Dr. Ligaya Acosta); and Latin America (directed by Mario Rojas).

HLI has also established, in its nearly 5 decades of pro-life and pro-family activity, a network of affiliates who alongside the regional directors oversee, manage, and implement various pro-life and family programs in their respective countries. HLI believes it is preferable to collaborate with local leaders since they know the culture and language, and they are best equipped to confront local issues.

Organizing the pro-life movement in each of these regions includes: creating strategies best suited for the region’s needs; planning and implementing training sessions for seminarians, priests, religious, students, various lay professionals, and other pro-life leaders; supporting Church leadership on Life and Family issues; and assisting with grassroots movements, such as pregnancy help centers, counseling, prayer vigils, and marches for life.

Training consists in providing expert speakers for lectures and seminars on Life and Family issues. These may take the form of:

International congresses, such as REDESSVIDA in Latin America, and the Asia Pacific Congress for Life and Family (ASPAC). Each of these bi-annual conferences is held in varying locations in Latin America and Asia, respectively. They are attended by people from all walks of life who hunger to learn how to promote and defend Life, Marriage and the Family.

Summer Institutes for Seminarians and Priests, in which future and current Church leaders are trained in Catholic bioethics and pastoral implementation.

“Training the trainers” sessions, in which pro-life leaders (clergy and laity) are instructed in specific ways to bring this training and formation to others.

Digital resources which provide self-paced or instructor-led learning; for example, our online laity training platform in Latin America.

Local lectures and seminars, in which people from all professions and faiths are taught about Life and Family issues, as well as how to counter the anti-life agenda and propaganda.

Equipping pro-life and family leaders with educational materials such as books, pamphlets, DVDs, CDs and other resources that can be used in their own missionary work to defend Life and Family and to promote a Culture of Life.

Mentoring pro-life leaders by maintaining relationships, providing continuing education, following up with trainees to ensure consistency in their training programs, and offering ongoing assistance to leaders in their efforts to educate and train others.


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