Pro-Life Conferences 

HLI puts on over 1,000 pro-life and family conferences annually all over the world. Every year, we reach more than 400,000 lay leaders, medical and civic workers, families, teachers, and students. This is the first pro-life conference for 80% of our participants. They leave with the skills they need to build a Culture of Life and Love in their community.

At these events, our educators share the beauty of Church teaching on life, marriage, and family. Then they back it up with scientific and medical facts. These talks expose the tactics and lies of the culture of death.

Our conferences always have the blessing and support of the local bishop, and include daily Mass.

Some of HLI’s regular events include:

  • Asia-Pacific Congress on Faith, Life and Family (ASPAC)
  • The English-speaking Africa Summer Conference
  • A two-day Latin American Lay Conference
  • Hundreds of national and regional diocesan and parish events


You Sparked a Friendship that Saved a Marriage

At an event you sponsored, Maria found the help she needed to forgive her husband.

You support pro-life conferences that teach God’s plan for life and family to people the world over. But that’s not all. They also turn strangers into friends who help each other on their journey to holiness. At every event, God brings people together to work miracles in their lives. You play a part in every one of…