Pro-Life Resources 

HLI is committed to educating the public on issues affecting life and family. We offer resources related to our five target issues –

Contraception, Abortion, Marriage & Family, Reproductive Technologies, and Euthanasia.

Some of our most popular resources include:

  • The Pro-Life Pastoral Handbook, a resource for priests printed in English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, and Mandarin
  • The Spirit & Life e-newsletter, Fr. Boquet’s weekly blog on faith, culture, and politics
  • Audio CDs of talks given by HLI speakers
  • Educational Series on Contraception, Marriage, and Conscience. All are available in English, Spanish, and French.
  • Numerous educational brochures. Most are available in English and Spanish.
  • Articles on our target issues found at
  • The Facts of Life Digital Library
  • The Facts of Life – a collection of more than 8,000 pages of HLI training documents in Word and PDF format
  • Church Document Library – teachings related to life and family
  • Opposition Research – nearly 300 GB of data on the more than 4,000 culture of death NGOs at work around the world
  • Print publications


The following stories show the impact of our resources:

Your Media Campaign Smashed an Abortion Bill in Malawi

By Fr. A. Zikomankhani | December 31, 2020 |

Now you have a chance to take your victory even further. You are kryptonite to the pro-aborts. They paid millions of dollars in bribes to pass an abortion bill in Malawi this year, but they have nothing to show for it. You got in the way. It all started when Fr. Zikomankhani of HLI Malawi…

Thank You for Planting the Seeds of Truth

By Emil Hagamu | October 21, 2020 |
tanzania flag

Inspired by you, Grace and Emil lead an anti-contraception media campaign in Tanzania. Chronic pain or bleeding Permanent sterility Heart failure Depression Cancer Divorce Abortion Spiritual Death These are the fruits of contraception. It can ruin a woman’s health and marriage. It can even kill. Because of you, Grace Shayo learned the truth in time…

During the Pandemic, Online Missions Surge

By HLI Staff | September 15, 2020 |

This community of Latin American women says THANK YOU for keeping their faith strong. Instead of counting this year as time lost, thousands of Latin Americans have used it to dive deeper into the Gospel of Life. Your gifts send online training to hundreds of priests, seminarians, religious men and women, and lay faithful across…

Your Message on Radio Maria Saved Bonaventure from Abortion

By Emil Hagamu | July 2, 2020 |

With media programs like this one, you bring hope to frightened mothers like Flavia. Flavia was struggling. Her situation was so bad that she thought about murdering her pre-born son to escape it. She became pregnant out of wedlock, which in Tanzania brings great shame on the family. When her father found out he cursed…