Pro-Life Resources 

HLI is committed to educating the public on issues affecting life and family. We offer resources related to our five target issues –

Contraception, Abortion, Marriage & Family, Reproductive Technologies, and Euthanasia.

Some of our most popular resources include:

  • The Pro-Life Pastoral Handbook, a resource for priests printed in English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, and Mandarin
  • The Spirit & Life e-newsletter, Fr. Boquet’s weekly blog on faith, culture, and politics
  • Audio CDs of talks given by HLI speakers
  • Educational Series on Contraception, Marriage, and Conscience. All are available in English, Spanish, and French.
  • Numerous educational brochures. Most are available in English and Spanish.
  • Articles on our target issues found at
  • The Facts of Life Digital Library
  • The Facts of Life – a collection of more than 8,000 pages of HLI training documents in Word and PDF format
  • Church Document Library – teachings related to life and family
  • Opposition Research – nearly 300 GB of data on the more than 4,000 culture of death NGOs at work around the world
  • Print publications


The following stories show the impact of our resources:

Cynthia Says THANK YOU for Supporting the Bioethics Library!

By Marcello Riccobaldi | July 1, 2020 | Comments Off on Cynthia Says THANK YOU for Supporting the Bioethics Library!
words 'thank you' on a black board

Through pro-life education, you form the leaders who change the world. Without you, Cynthia could never have become the pro-life leader she is today.   You played a crucial role in helping this young Peruvian student become a bioethics professor in her homeland. You changed her life, and the lives of all the students she will guide…

Meet the Students Studying to Defend Life in Your Bioethics Library

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet | April 15, 2020 | Comments Off on Meet the Students Studying to Defend Life in Your Bioethics Library

You form pro-life teachers, doctors, and professionals who impact our culture for decades. You have touched the lives of thousands through the HLI Bioethics Library in Rome since it was founded 22 years ago. I wish I could tell all their stories and personally express their heartfelt gratitude for what you and our loyal donors make available to them. Let me share just…

Your Online Course Helped this Young Man Choose Life

By HLI Staff | September 2, 2019 |

Thanks to you, a teen pregnancy taught high schoolers the value of life and chastity. Like thousands of other Americans, Blanca Rosa Gallardo got her pro-life education from the online course you provide through HLI. Everything she learned she shared with her family, including her son Armando. She wants to tell you in her own…