Radio, Television, Internet 

We spread the Gospel of Life through radio, television, and internet.

Each of our 100+ global affiliates have their own media plan. By adapting to suit each region, we reach as many people of good will as possible. HLI also partners with Catholic radio and television networks such as Radio Maria and EWTN.

Annually, we produce…

  • More than 400 radio programs and interviews reaching a potential global audience of over 22 million
  • Nearly 4,300 internet articles reaching more than 13 million people. These range from Fr. Boquet’s weekly Spirit & Life column, to resource articles on life and family issues
  • Our Latin American On-line Training Program. This brings our pro-life training courses to thousands of Spanish speakers.
  • An average of 70 television interviews on life and family issues to a potential audience of over 70 million
  • Posts on a variety of social media platforms

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Your Message on Radio Maria Saved Bonaventure from Abortion

With media programs like this one, you bring hope to frightened mothers like Flavia.

Flavia was struggling. Her situation was so bad that she thought about murdering her pre-born son to escape it. She became pregnant out of wedlock, which in Tanzania brings great shame on the family. When her …


Your Online Course Helped this Young Man Choose Life!

Thanks to you, a teen pregnancy taught high schoolers the value of life and chastity.

Like thousands of other Americans, Blanca Rosa Gallardo got her pro-life education from the online course you provide through HLI. Everything she learned she shared with her family, including her son Armando. She wants to …


Thank You for Planting the Seeds of Truth

Inspired by you, Grace and Emil lead and anti-contraception media campaign in Tanzania.

Chronic pain or bleeding. Permanent sterility. Heart failure. Depression. Cancer. Divorce. Abortion. Spiritual Death. These are the fruits of contraception. It can ruin a woman’s health and marriage. It can even kill. Because of you, Grace Shayo …