Seminarian and Priest Training

To grow a Culture of Life and Love, the world needs a strong clergy. Our faith leaders must be grounded in Catholic teaching on life and family. As goes the priesthood, so go the faithful.

That is why our events and resources for seminarians and priests are the cornerstone of our programs. We conduct 60 training events for more than 4,300 seminarians every year. Over nearly 50 years, HLI has built a global legacy of faithful Catholic priests boldly preaching the Gospel of Life.

Our programs for priests and seminarians include:

  • The French-speaking Africa Seminarian Summer Institute and Priest Summer Institute
  • The English-speaking Africa Seminarian and Priest Conferences
  • REDESSVIDA Congresses – both regional and national in Latin America
  • Regional and national conferences in Asia, Oceania, and Europe
  • Rome Office bioethics library
  • The Pro-Life Pastoral Handbook, Educational Series on Contraception, Marriage, Conscience, and so much more


The following articles share stories from our seminarian and priest training programs:

HLI Bioethics Library Gave Fr. Joby a Magnet to Win Souls for Christ

By HLI Staff | February 8, 2022 |
Fr. Joby studying in the HLI Bioethics Library

Church teaching on life and family is a powerful evangelization tool when our donors train priests to use it. When Fr. Joby came to study in Rome, he brought a big goal: build a pro-life culture by growing the Church in India. Christians are a minority in India. To make disciples of this nation, priests…

University Student Turned Pro-Life Thanks to Training Our Donors Gave Local Seminarians.

By HLI Staff | February 1, 2022 |
Seminarians marching with signs

Joy’s 180 ° conversion at the Nigeria March for Life made her a pro-life witness to her peers. When Joy stepped out of her dorm in the morning, she was a pro-abortion progressive. When she came back that afternoon, she was a passionate pro-lifer committed to living chastely. What happened in the middle was the…

Rome Library Empowers Fr. Shanu to Protect the Elderly

By HLI Staff | September 18, 2021 | Comments Off on Rome Library Empowers Fr. Shanu to Protect the Elderly

This priest is using lessons from our Rome bioethics library to end the custom of elder killing in India. A grandfather walks into a police station in Kerala, India. He claims that his family is planning to kill him. It’s an Indian custom. Families sometimes murder their elderly when they are no longer useful. Often…

Priest Training Impacts Youth in Peru

By HLI Staff | May 20, 2021 |
peruvian flag

With tools from HLI training, Fr. Chumpén is bringing young people to Christ. During his five years of priesthood, Fr. Chumpén has met young people with a host of spiritual wounds. Some come from abusive homes. Some are grieving a son or daughter they aborted or struggling with homosexuality. Others are just trying to find…