Abortifacient Brief: Depo-Provera

By Brian Clowes, PhD / April 11, 2017 /
injection into arm

The birth control shot, Depo-Provera, is an injectable contraceptive drug that sometimes has an abortifacient effect. It also possesses a long and checkered history rife with fraud and abuse.     History of Depo-Provera In 1967, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals began an extensive 11-year trial of Depo at Atlanta’s Grady Clinic in its attempts to get the…

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Does Contraception Lead to Abortion?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / April 6, 2017 /

“No matter how thin you slice it, ladies and gentlemen, family planning is a euphemism. We don’t intend or desire to prevent conception for conception’s sake; we want to prevent conception because of what follows conception. Family planning is the prevention of births, and as birth is the end of a sequence which begins with…

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The Blessed Virgin Mary, Protector of Life and Family

By Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro and Fr. Peter West / May 4, 2015 /

The month of May is traditionally a time to honor Mary, the Mother of God. This is a fitting time to reflect on the essential role she plays in our salvation and in our missionary apostolate promoting life and family. During this month we should strive to deepen our knowledge and love of her through…

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Audio Lecture: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Model for Life

By Patricia Bainbridge / July 25, 2013 /
our lady of guadalupe waist up

In this recording, Patricia Bainbridge, chairman of HLI’s Board of Directors, tells a true story of faith – the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe. At a time when human sacrifice was rampant in Mexico because of the influence of the pagan Aztec Indians, Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico City…

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10 Abortion Myths

By HLI Staff / July 25, 2013 /
planned parenthood

In this audio talk, HLI Director of Education and Research Dr. Brian Clowes provides an overview of the 10 most common abortion myths that are repeated by the media, and explains how to refute each and every one. These are the same arguments that come up over and over again in everyday conversation because most…

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Abortion: Legacy of Contraception

By Fr. Paul Marx, OSB / July 25, 2013 / Comments Off on Abortion: Legacy of Contraception
abortion pill

In this talk, Father Paul Marx, O.S.B., founder of Human Life International, describes the destruction caused by the use of contraception. He explains that abortion and contraception are psychologically and metaphysically connected to each other. Because they are so strongly linked, Fr. Marx believes that priests and bishops that speak out against contraception do more…

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The World Sex Mess Confirms Catholic Teaching

By HLI Staff / July 25, 2013 /
catholic teens

In this 1998 audio recording by Father Paul Marx, O.S.B., founder of Human Life International, you learn how the crisis of declining populations of so many countries is directly linked to the world’s rejection of traditional Catholic teachings on abortion and birth control. Here are a few facts Fr. Marx explains: Of the 45 countries…

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Does Welfare Reduce Abortion?

By HLI Staff / July 22, 2013 / Comments Off on Does Welfare Reduce Abortion?
flying money

Social scientists have long documented that when women are paid to have children out of wedlock, they are more likely to do so. For example, James Q. Wilson wrote in the Fall 2005 In Character, “A third reason for single-parent families is that, at least in this country, welfare payments have enabled poor women to choose children and government checks over…

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Can We Support Stem Cell Research?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / May 17, 2013 /
embryonic stem cells

Much of the confusion over stem cell research involves misunderstanding of terms, so let’s begin with some definitions. Stem Cells in General Stem cells are immature cells that are undifferentiated (i.e., they have not yet “decided” what kind of cell to be). A stem cell divides into two cells: (1) a duplicate of itself and…

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Administration of Plan B Contraceptives to Victims of Rape

By HLI Staff / April 23, 2013 / Comments Off on Administration of Plan B Contraceptives to Victims of Rape
plan b contraception on shelf

May victims of rape be administered a “Plan B” (levonorgestrel-only) contraceptive? Catholic bishops, ethicists, and researchers have given a variety of answers to this question. Some forbid its use entirely, others permit it only after certain tests are done, still others allow it every time a victim of rape seeks care. This disparity in policy…

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