When Does a Fetus Have a Heartbeat?

By Gail Peterson / May 2, 2023 /
pulse trace

Throughout a woman’s pregnancy, her baby undergoes many stages of development before birth. Among the milestones that indicate life is the heartbeat. But when does a fetus have a heartbeat?   What to Know about Fetal Heartbeat Development Through the use of ultrasounds, modern science can detect the waves of the baby’s heartbeat as early…

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12 Planned Parenthood Facts You Should Know

By Susan Ciancio / April 28, 2023 /

Sorting through what’s true and what’s not when it comes to Planned Parenthood can be difficult. The nation’s largest abortion provider hides behind a veneer of marketing and misinformation. But beneath the smoke and mirrors, the facts speak for themselves. And these facts say loudly and clearly that abortion is the core mission of this organization that…

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Is Abortion a Constitutional Right?

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Marisa Cantu / April 19, 2023 /

Abortion is not a constitutional right according to a direct reading of the text of the Constitution – abortion is never mentioned in the Constitution – and according to the recent ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson by the Supreme Court. In the past, progressives justified the alleged Constitutional under the Fourth Amendment’s protection of privacy,…

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Is Being Pro-Life Racist?

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Marisa Cantu / April 15, 2023 /
african girl

There’s a longstanding discussion over racism in healthcare. The debate is all the more heated when it comes to abortion. Ever since the battle over abortion began, pro-lifers and “pro-choicers” have accused each other of racism against people of color. For example, Brian Fung of The Atlantic claimed in August of 2012 that any abortion…

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Down Syndrome and Abortion

By Susan Ciancio / November 11, 2022 /

A mother recently told me that, when she found out that her baby had a 99% chance of having Down syndrome, her first course of action was to do an online search for what she could expect. What she found frightened her. Her initial search highlighted all the negatives—the potential health and cognitive problems, the…

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The Threat of Sex-Selective Abortion

By William Lawyer / October 21, 2022 /

In this article: What is sex-selective abortion? Why sex-selective abortion is bad Whether sex-selective abortion bans work The best way to prevent sex-selective abortion   In most human populations, around 105 boys are born for every 100 girls. This is the natural sex ratio. Under normal circumstances the ratio of boys born to girls is…

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Does Abortion Really Incur Excommunication?

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Sarah Reusch, MA / October 7, 2022 /
catholic church germany Mass

What Is Excommunication? Excommunication is a sanction that deprives a Catholic of all participation in the common blessings of the society of the Church.1 It is the most serious penalty the Church can inflict and is used only in the most severe cases. The excommunicated person remains a Catholic because his baptism cannot be nullified,…

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Post-Abortion Support Groups: Find Healing After Abortion

By Susan Ciancio / September 21, 2022 /
woman praying in church

In this article: Stories of regret from post-abortive parents Stories of former abortionists 5 post-abortion support groups   Grief After Abortion In Planned Parenthood’s 2020-2021 Annual Report, the organization reports that it performed 383,460 abortions during that fiscal year. That’s almost 30,000 more abortions than in the previous fiscal year. For those of us who…

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The Reality of Partial-Birth Abortion

By Susan Ciancio / August 23, 2022 /
3d rendered illustration of a human fetus at week 24

For thousands of years, people have found ways to kill unwanted babies. From taking pills to tearing a child to pieces prior to birth to even throwing a baby off a cliff, it often seems that any method will do. Parents seek only the end result—being rid of the baby. All abortion is tragic because…

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Ectopic Pregnancy: Dispelling Misinformation

By Susan Ciancio / August 12, 2022 /
Illustration of an ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube

Since the reversal of Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood, we have seen anger. We have seen violence. And we have seen the dispersal of all kinds of misinformation—most of it aimed at increasing rage and stirring up indignation. One of the pieces of misinformation spreading rapidly pertains to ectopic (literally, “out of…

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