Sacramental Marriage and Communion for Divorced Catholics

By Adolfo J. Castañeda / February 24, 2023 /
the hand of a priest distributing holy Communion

Today the Catholic Church faces a daunting pastoral and sacramental challenge due to the sad fact that many Catholics who have married sacramentally are now divorced, civilly remarried, and having sexual relations with the new spouse. Assuming that the first marriage was not annulled, this is a situation that is objectively and gravely sinful, one…

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What Does the Bible Say about Transgenderism?

By Adolfo J. Castañeda / January 27, 2023 /
open bible on a table

Before we address this delicate issue, we would like to express from the start that our intention is not denigrate any person, no matter what his or her sexual attitudes are. Our purpose is to shed the objective light of God’s Word on the topic of transgenderism, not to personally condemn anybody. Only God can…

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Are You Experiencing Gender Dysphoria?

By Susan Ciancio / January 20, 2023 /
boy seeing a reflection of a girl in the mirror, concept of gender dysphoria

Adolescence and young adulthood can be incredibly difficult times, especially in today’s world. If you’ve ever been to a concert or a loud sporting event, you know the feeling of having to shout to be heard, even by the person next to you. That’s what it can feel like if you’re confused about your feelings…

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Defending the Sanctity of Marriage

By Susan Ciancio / January 6, 2023 /
protestors political rally

A recent Pew Research Center headline reads, “About Six-in-Ten Americans Say Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Is Good for Society.” The article goes on to discuss the findings of a new poll that has found that 61% of Americans have a “positive view of the impact of same-sex marriage being legal, including 36% who say it…

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Does God Forgive Homosexuality?

By Adolfo J. Castañeda / December 9, 2022 /
Sodom and Gomorrah by John Martin

The title of our article needs an important clarification, which we shall develop further below. “Homosexuality” denotes a sexual attraction towards members of the same sex. As such it is not a sin. Only homosexual acts are gravely sinful. But God does forgive those acts, provided the sinner is truly repentant. In fact, the Catechism…

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The Uninvolved Parenting Style

By Susan Ciancio / December 2, 2022 /
unhappy little girl sitting in a dark hallway

Building stable and healthy families is of paramount importance, to the family itself but also to our society. In order to do that, we must raise our children to be good, moral people. This takes effort. It takes love. And it takes time and devotion. These are just some of the actions of loving and…

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Why Is Adultery a Sin?

By Adolfo J. Castañeda / November 25, 2022 /
David and Bathsheba by Jacob Adriaensz

We have other articles dealing with the motives, threats, and devastating consequences of adultery. In this article, we would like to answer the question: why is adultery a grave sin? This way of approaching the issue is a doctrinal approach. We will answer the question drawing from the teachings of the Bible and the teachings…

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Why Is Premarital Sex a Sin?

By Adolfo J. Castañeda / October 28, 2022 /
sad woman sitting in her bedroom

We live in a hedonistic society. Hedonism is the idea that pleasure, and especially physical pleasure, is the primary goal of life – instead of love of God and love of neighbor. One of the most common ways in which pleasure is pursued is by means of sexual pleasure. Having sexual relations before (or outside…

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The Theology of the Body and the Spiritual Life

By Adolfo J. Castañeda / July 29, 2022 /

In this article we are going to approach the topic of the important role the body plays in our spiritual life. To accomplish this goal, we will treat the following topics: The sacramental life as a foundation for the role of the body in the life of prayer The liturgy of the Church as a…

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Your Partner Wants You to Abort? You Have Other Options.

By Susan Ciancio / July 22, 2022 /

With the reversal of Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood, we have been hearing the phrase “my body, my choice” much more loudly and much more frequently. I agree that a woman should have autonomy over her body. But, you see, when she’s pregnant with a baby—no matter which stage that baby is…

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