Abortion Effects

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Abortion: Legacy of Contraception

In this talk, Father Paul Marx, O.S.B., founder of Human Life International, describes the destruction caused by the use of contraception. He explains that abortion and contraception are psychologically and metaphysically connected to each other. Because they are so strongly linked, Fr. Marx believes that priests and bishops that speak [...]

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Men & Abortion

Here are some key points on how abortion affects men and resources for men suffering from abortion: 1. Men suffer in the aftermath of abortion as well as women: Though not nearly as much research has been done on abortion’s effects on men as on women, considerable evidence shows that abortion often [...]

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Does Welfare Reduce Abortion?

Social scientists have long documented that when women are paid to have children out of wedlock, they are more likely to do so. For example, James Q. Wilson wrote in the Fall 2005 In Character, “A third reason for single-parent families is that, at least in this country, welfare payments have enabled poor women to choose [...]

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