With Your Help, Anyone can Choose Life

Gerda wept when she heard Maria’s story.

After decades of aiding mothers through HLI Romania’s pregnancy care center, Gerda has heard it all. And she knows that no matter how deeply someone has sunk into the culture of death, your generosity can save them.

Maria had already aborted two children before she found HLI. She had abused drugs. Men had used her and left her. She was pregnant again, and the father of her baby was long gone. The doctors said the pregnancy was high-risk. Abortion was all they offered.

Maria is not the only victim of the abortive society. Every day a mother ends her child’s life because she doesn’t know she has another choice.

You can change that.

When you give to pregnancy care centers like HLI Romania, you give mothers like Maria a place to go for help. Please make your best gift today to keep these centers open! Without you, none of this life-saving work can happen.

You can give another mother the hope that she needs, just like you did for Maria. When she learned about HLI, she skipped her abortion appointment and came to see if you could help her

She had been surrounded by lies for her whole life. But in your place of love, Maria finally heard the Truth.

When Gerda told her the stories of many other women you’ve helped, Maria wanted to turn her life around. She chose to welcome her child. But that was only the beginning.

Your pregnancy care centers do so much more than stop abortions. They transform lives. You taught Maria the value of her child’s life, and her own as well.

From you she learned what it means to live with dignity. You helped set her up with a home and medical care. Her daughter, Mirabella, was born a healthy precious child. And after that, you did not abandon them.

Gerda stayed in touch with Maria, giving advice and spiritual guidance. With your help Maria is gradually growing in faith and raising Mirabela as a Catholic.

Mirabela is alive today because of you.But that’s not the end of the story. You also completely restored her mother’s life and helped guide them both to a relationship with God. Your gifts truly make all the difference in the world.

Will you give again today to save another life and bring another family to Christ?

Last year we spent $32,130 helping mothers like Maria in Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, and Belarus. With your help, this important work can continue through 2021.

You can fund 5 pregnancy care centers in eastern Europe for

One day with a gift of $88

One week with a gift of $618.

Please make your best gift today to bring another woman like Maria into the Culture of Life. Thank you so much for caring enough to help.