Maria Says “Thank You” for this Christmas Miracle

Maria was stuck in a cycle of drugs, abuse, and abortion.

But today, with your help, she is living a Christian life and raising her daughter as a Catholic.

Because of you, Mirabella has a life and a home. And God has taken the change you sparked in Maria and used it to bless even more lives!

Too many women like Maria have no one to help them choose life. But when you support pregnancy care centers like HLI Romania, you save lives and souls too.

Please make your best gift today to keep these centers open! Without you, none of this life-saving work can happen.

You showed Maria the love God has for her. Now she is raising her daughter, nieces, and nephews in the Church.

When you make a gift to help a struggling mother like Maria, you change her life, her child’s life, and every life she touches after that.

After you helped Maria give her daughter a home, God took your gift and multiplied it in a way that no one expected.

Here’s what happened:

Shortly after her conversion, Maria’s brother sadly went to prison, leaving his four children alone. Maria took them into her home as well.

This is a huge commitment for such a poor family. But with help from you, they are getting by. In the fall, you provided each of these children with winter clothes and school supplies. At Christmastime, their house will be filled with joy as the children open presents that came from you.

But Maria thinks you gave her the best present of all. Without you, she wouldn’t have any of these beautiful children in her life. Their laughter and beaming faces are your gift to her.

Because of you, Mirabela was born safe and healthy. Thank you for making Christmas a joy for her and her four cousins!

Thank you again and again for all you have done for Maria, and countless women like her. Please keep your important work going making your best gift today.

You can fund 5 pregnancy care centers in eastern Europe for

One day with a gift of $88

One week with a gift of $618.

We need your help to raise at least $32,130 to support your pregnancy care centers in eastern Europe through 2021. Maybe you can give more, or less, but please make your best gift today to help mothers like Maria.