YOU Can Change Another Life Like Maria’s

Maria’s life changed forever in a hospital waiting room.

She was there for an abortion. This would be her third: in and out. No big deal, she thought. But this time was different.

The doctor was behind schedule, and Maria sat waiting in a row of plastic chairs. A grey-haired woman sat down next to her and started a conversation. Maria never saw her again, but she believes the woman was Mary, the Mother of God.

When the nurse finally called Maria’s name, her chair was empty. She had gone to HLI Romania.

When you give to pregnancy care centers like HLI Romania, you give mothers like Maria a place to go for help. Please make your best gift today to keep these centers open! Without you, none of this life-saving work can happen.

Your generosity got Maria out of a very bad situation.

Through HLI Romania, you

  • Helped Maria beat her drug addiction
  • Got her the medical care she needed for her high-risk pregnancy
  • Found her a home where she wouldn’t have to rely on abusive men
  • Guided her to a relationship with God in the Church

And as if that wasn’t enough, God took the change you made in Maria’s life and used it to save four more children!

Shortly after her conversion, Maria’s brother sadly went to prison, leaving his four children alone. Maria took them into her home as well.

This is a huge commitment for such a poor family. But with help from you, they are getting by. In the fall, you provided each of these children with winter clothes and school supplies. At Christmastime, their house will be filled with joy as the children open presents that came from you.

Your gifts really do make miracles happen. Thank you again and again for all you have done for Maria, and countless women like her. Please keep your important work going making your best gift today.

You can fund 5 pregnancy care centers in eastern Europe for

One day with a gift of $88

One week with a gift of $618.

Without your support, there would be no HLI in Romania, or anywhere else. If not for you, Maria’s story might have gone more like this:

Maria rushes out of the abortion clinic inspired to keep her baby. On the sidewalk, she pauses. Her heart slowly sinks as she realizes she has nowhere to go. Holding back tears she walks back into the waiting room and takes her seat.

The nurse calls Maria’s name and leads her to the operating room. Mirabela dies a violent death. Maria leaves the hospital more broken and lost then she came.

No Mirabella. No new life in Christ. No laughing children opening gifts on Christmas morning.

For many, that’s what the world looks like without you.

So please, make your best gift today to continue bringing the Culture of Life to families like Maria’s. Your generosity blesses their lives more deeply than you can imagine. Thank you sincerely for all you do to support the Culture of Life.