Your Gifts Saved Maria and her Child from Abortion

Maria’s life changed forever in a hospital waiting room.

She was there for an abortion. This would be her third: in and out. No big deal, she thought. But this time was different.

The doctor was behind schedule, and Maria sat waiting in a row of plastic chairs. A grey-haired woman sat down next to her and started a conversation. Maria never saw her again, but she believes the woman was Mary, the Mother of God.

When the nurse finally called Maria’s name, her chair was empty. She had gone to HLI Romania.

That’s where she found your kindness and love for the first time. Without you, mothers like Maria have no help and no hope. In Romania they don’t offer solutions to crisis pregnancies. They offer abortion.

But with your help, any mother can choose life for her baby.

Thanks to you, Maria will spend this Christmas with her daughter. You empowered her and countless other mothers to choose life for their children, and a new life in Christ for themselves.

Pregnancy care centers like HLI Romania rely entirely on your support.Without you these little miracles could not happen. That’s why I ask you to please give today.

Your generosity got Maria out of a very bad situation.

Through HLI Romania, you

  • Helped Maria beat her drug addiction
  • Got her the medical care she needed for her high-risk pregnancy
  • Found her a home where she wouldn’t have to rely on abusive men
  • Guided her to a relationship with God in the Church

Maria’s life is completely different today because of you. Her daughter Mirabela was born safe and healthy. She is living a Christian lifestyle and growing in faith every day.

Miracles like this are only possible when you give to pregnancy care centers like HLI Romania.As you read this, another mother is looking for someone to help her keep her child. When you give right now, you can change her life too.

Last year we spent $32,130 helping women like Maria in Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, and Belarus. With your help, this important work can continue through 2021.

You can fund 5 pregnancy care centers in Eastern Europe for

One day with a gift of $88

One week with a gift of $618,

Maybe you can give more, or less, but please make your best gift today to help mothers like Maria choose life.