HLI’s Seminarians for Life International Program


Did you know that there are currently around 100,000 Catholic seminarians worldwide studying for the priesthood?

As future priests, bishops, and cardinals (and maybe even popes!) these men could influence the lives of millions of our brothers and sisters in Christ worldwide through their priestly service. The impact of these future priests on the culture to stop abortion, contraception, euthanasia, and same-sex “marriage” by preaching the Gospel of Life and rallying the faithful is tremendous.

Human Life International is the only pro-life apostolate focused on training seminarians around the world to understand and preach the Gospel of Life. We do this through our highly-successful Seminarians for Life International program.

HLI’s pro-life missionaries have decades of success in training thousands of seminarians who are currently making a difference … but we need many more!!

We need priests who will boldly proclaim the Gospel of Life and rally our brothers and sisters to defend Life and Family at every turn. That’s why pro-life seminarian training is a vital part of our strategy to build a Culture of Life!

Our pro-life missionaries conduct this training in a several ways:

  1. By visiting individual seminaries to offer supplemental instruction;
  2. Through national, regional, and international pro-life conferences specifically for seminarians and clergy;
  3. Using instructional courses offered over the Internet; and
  4. Providing free resources that are shipped around the globe

These Catholic seminarians, our future priests and Church leaders, receive specialized instruction and resource materials from HLI staff on:

  • the moral teachings of the Church,
  • the latest developments in science and medicine,
  • international threats to Life and Family,
  • how to expose and refute anti-life propaganda, and
  • how to lead their communities to build a Culture of Life!

John Paul II Prayer CardIn many seminaries around the world, pro-life instruction and resources are extremely lacking—for a number of reasons.

In some seminaries the Life and Family issues aren’t emphasized because there is opposition to those teachings. In other seminaries, there’s an issue of financial resources or just general inability to provide high quality instruction in these areas.

Whatever the circumstances, HLI’s pro-life missionaries are reaching out in every country we operate to provide desperately needed pro-life training of our future priests.

Pope Saint John Paul II called seminarians “the future and hope of the Church.” They are also the hope of the pro-life movement.

With the resources and training received through HLI’s Seminarians for Life program, these men can lead the faithful in the pews to take action against the evils threatening Life and Family and strengthen the pro-life resistance worldwide.

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