When Does an Unborn Child Develop a Heartbeat?

By Gail Peterson / November 26, 2021 /
pulse trace

Throughout a woman’s pregnancy, her baby undergoes many stages of development before birth. Among the milestones that indicate the presence of life is the heartbeat.   When Does a Fetus Develop a Heartbeat? Through the use of ultrasounds, modern science can detect the waves of the baby’s heartbeat as early as three weeks after fertilization.…

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What are Abortifacients?

By HLI Staff / November 17, 2021 /

An abortifacient is defined as “an agent (such as a drug) that induces abortion.” However, manufactures often market these drugs under the name “contraception” to make them more appealing to consumers.   Many Contraceptives Are Really Abortifacients In 1963, the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare shared the widely held definition of abortion…

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How Abortion Affects a Woman’s Relationships

By William Lawyer / November 10, 2021 /
Couple sitting in park having relationship problems

Many women seeking abortions fear that a child might interfere with their relationships with their partners. Sometimes a woman’s partner, parents, or friends encourage her to have an abortion or express disapproval if she wishes to keep the child. Because of this, women often fear that if they do not have abortions, their relationships may…

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Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome: Parents Are Victims Too

By William Lawyer / November 5, 2021 /
definition of post-abortion stress syndrome (PASS)

Of all the victims of abortion, it is perhaps the mother and father who are the most neglected of all. For pro-life advocates, the death of an innocent child tends to be the focus. For pro-choice advocates, acknowledging the parents as victims would weaken their own position. Nevertheless, the reality is that those who obtain…

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Biden’s Equality Isn’t for the Unborn

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / November 1, 2021 /

Last Friday, President Joe Biden met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. No doubt the President was delighted to have such an apparently warm and friendly meeting, with the cameras projecting to the world the appearance of strong unity between the country’s second Catholic President and the Church to which he rarely misses an opportunity…

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Men & Abortion

By HLI Staff / October 27, 2021 / Comments Off on Men & Abortion
confused man in dark room

Many people think that abortion is just a “woman’s issue.” But they don’t understand that it affects the father as well, for he too loses a child. Further, the man often experiences the same types of emotions that a woman experiences after the loss of a child. And though very little research has been done…

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A Major Sea Change in Abortion Law

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / October 25, 2021 /
baby in ultrasound

The last few weeks have been extremely eventful ones in the battle over Texas’ hotly contested Heartbeat abortion law. The Texas law, which prohibits abortion from the moment when an unborn child’s heartbeat is first detected (around six weeks), is the first such law to go into effect anywhere in the nation. Over a dozen…

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Does Medicaid Cover Abortions?

By William Lawyer / October 13, 2021 /

Many people are under the impression that tax money is not used to fund abortion. Both pro-choice and pro-life advocates are often misinformed on this subject. Pro-choice advocates and organizations like Planned Parenthood frequently point to The Hyde Amendment, which is supposed to stop public funding of abortion. Often, this law is used to dispel…

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Fetal Pain Is a Reason to End Abortion

By HLI Staff / October 6, 2021 /
This is a 6-month-old, who feels pain, moves, is formed...what gives anyone the right to abort this child?

Medical experts agree that fetal pain begins at 12 weeks gestation and may even be felt as early as eight weeks. But perhaps the best source for firsthand experience with fetal pain is an abortionist. As early as 1976, those performing abortions realized that the procedure is painful for the dying fetus. Abortionist John Szenes…

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The WHPA is Not a Moderate Bill

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / October 4, 2021 /

A few days ago, Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to approve what many pro-life leaders are saying is the most extreme pro-abortion piece of legislation ever passed. In a typical example of the perverse genius of pro-abortion activists and politicians disguising the brutal reality of abortion behind an impenetrable fog of euphemism, the…

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