What Christmas Reveals About Human Dignity

No feast in the liturgical calendar more perfectly and completely justifies, celebrates, and embodies the pro-life cause than Christmas. Pope St. John Paul II highlighted this connection in the opening paragraphs of his great pro-life encyclical – Evangelium Vitae – where he quotes the angels’ triumphant greeting to the shepherds [...]

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Merry Christmas from HLI!

Tomorrow we will celebrate the Nativity of the Lord, a truly holy day that is certainly filled with much sentiment for children and adults of all ages, but whose meaning comes from a Child, a newborn Baby. With eagerness we wait for Christmas and ready ourselves with joyful anticipation, counting [...]

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Accomplishing Great Things: A Christmas Message

Saint Mother Teresa’s proclivity for evoking quotes of spiritual genius offers timeless inspiration. Such the humble icon was Mother Teresa that, in all the good she said and all the good she did, it was her faithful and trusting disposition that led her to accomplish great things for His glory: [...]

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