HLI Celebrates 20 Years of Viennese Crisis Pregnancy Center, “Lebenszentrum Wien”

The Genesis of a Crisis Pregnancy Center…and HLI Austria Twenty years ago, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and one year after HLI Austria’s founding, Human Life International marked the founding of Vienna’s first crisis pregnancy center in Austria. The “Lebenszentrum Wien” (literally “Life Center Vienna”), was the first of many crisis pregnancy centers . . . Read more

The Moment of Choice: Recognizing Human Dignity in Difficult Circumstances

In every country, at this very moment, women who have become pregnant — either because of decisions they made or as victims of assault through no fault of their own — are faced with making the choice of life or death for their child. Some of these women are financially stable, some are in financial . . . Read more

Father Boquet and HLI’s Mario Rojas Address Latin American Congress of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The 5th Latin American Congress of Crisis Pregnancy Centers is taking place this week in a retreat house about 50 miles from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The theme of this year’s congress is “To Jesus via Mary.” Human Life International President Father Shenan Boquet and HLI Regional Director for Latin America Mario Rojas . . . Read more