How Does Abortion Affect the United States?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / April 28, 2021 /

The first states legalized abortion in 1967. Since then, there have been about 61.7 million abortions performed in this country. One-sixth of our nation’s entire population has disappeared into the maws of the latter‑day extermination camps that the corrupt media calls “reproductive care centers.” How does abortion affect society? We have killed a vast number…

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Does Abortion Reduce Crime?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / March 17, 2021 /
crime scene tape

Research has shown that abortion and crime rate are related. One study claimed that legalizing abortion increased murder rates by up to 7%. This is because legalizing abortion is a contributing factor to the great increase in out‑of‑wedlock births and single parent families, which in turn contribute to increased crime rates. However, most people believe the…

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Surgical Abortion

By Brian Clowes, PhD / March 5, 2021 /
Gynecological tools on doctor's table in clinic

Abortion comes with a long list of physical dangers, but often the emotional effects are the most devastating to the mother. Read on to learn about seven types of surgical abortion and to hear stories from real women who know the pain and heartbreak firsthand.   Surgical Abortion Stories There are hundreds of stories on…

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In the Face of Battle, Take Courage

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / February 1, 2021 /

What a difference a few days can make. On January 17, President Trump issued a statement declaring National Sanctity of Human Life Day. “Every human life is a gift to the world,” the statement began. “Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, every person is made in the holy image of God.”…

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Does Abortion Reduce Maternal Deaths?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / July 31, 2020 /
pregnant woman with baby bump

Pro‑abortion groups claim that legalized abortion is vital for women’s health in the United States since, as they claim, thousands died of illegal abortions every year before the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. Population controllers also allege that hundreds of thousands of women still die all over the world because their nations have pro-life…

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Does Abortion Really Incur Excommunication?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / May 26, 2020 /
catholic church germany Mass

What Exactly Is Excommunication? Excommunication is a sanction that deprives a Catholic of all participation in the common blessings of the society of the Church.1  It is the most serious penalty the Church can inflict, and is used only in the most severe cases.  The excommunicated person remains a Catholic because his baptism cannot be…

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Shouldn’t We Permit Abortion Only to Save the Life of the Mother?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / May 2, 2019 /

Abortion is completely legal in more than one hundred nations.  In almost every case, population controllers first drove in the ultra-thin wedge of allowing abortion when the mother’s life is in danger. This is a brilliant strategy for two reasons. First, abortionists can easily stretch any law, no matter how strict or precisely written, into…

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When Providing “Health” for Women Includes Harmful Drugs

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / September 28, 2018 /
young woman body language

Health [helth] noun 1. the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor: good health; poor health. 2. soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment: to have one’s health; to lose one’s health. Twelve years ago today, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the deadly abortion drug…

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Does Abortion Reduce Welfare Costs?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / May 16, 2017 /

Supporters of abortion tend to lack foresight and and misunderstand human nature. These defects inevitably lead to many cases of the “law of unintended consequences.” An example of this lack of foresight is the claim that when the state pays for a poor woman’s abortion, it saves a lot of money by avoiding the costs…

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What is the Abortion Situation in Europe?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / April 15, 2017 /

Many American pro-lifers wonder what the long-term impacts of abortion will be on the United States.  We have been making significant progress against the Culture of Death over the past decade, but if our progress is reversed and abortion strengthens its hold on our society, what will happen to our country?  With Obamacare’s funding of…

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